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With so many schools facing an uncertain school year but needing to raise even more funds for essential resources, parent organizations and administrators are wondering how they can get more out of their virtual, online, or on-campus fundraiser.

But asking parents to donate more than they already give just doesn’t feel right. So how can schools profit more this year to pay for those necessary resources?

Corporate Matching might be the answer.

What exactly is corporate matching? Corporate matching is when corporations financially match a donation their employee makes to a non-profit organization; yes, it could absolutely be your school!

For example: a parent at your school donates $50 to your fundraiser, and then their employer donates $50 on top of that, effectively doubling the donation to your school!


Some facts* about corporate matching today:

  • More than 18 million people work for corporations that offer corporate matching
  • $2 billion are donated every year through corporate matching
  • Donors are 84% more likely to contribute when they know there’s a matching option

*Research courtesy of Double the Donation 

So, how can your school add corporate matching into your virtual or on-campus fundraiser so that you can raise even more, without asking parents to give more?

The most efficient way is to integrate a corporate matching software right into your fundraiser’s donation platform. That way, when anyone makes a donation, they can search to see if their employer offers corporate matching.

The best example of this seamless integration is Boosterthon’s exclusive partnership with Double The Donation. Right from Boosterthon’s online fundraising platform, donors (parents and non-parents) can search for and add a corporate match in seconds! Plus, this feature is completely included in your fundraiser—no additional cost.

Try out Boosterthon’s corporate matching yourself, by searching for a corporation here.

Hosting a Boosterthon online fundraiser or on-campus fundraiser allows you to take advantage of corporate matching donations even more, because Boosterthon fundraisers increase the number of donors that give to your school.

The typical fundraiser only asks parents to give. But Boosterthon is a “share-first fundraiser” and encourages school families to share about your fundraiser with extended family and friends through social media, email, and text. Which means, on average, 28% of donors are parents, 72% are non-parents.

This relieves the parents of the financial burden to hit the fundraising goal, and dramatically increases the number of people who both give to your school AND can also make a matching donation.

Early Success from Boosterthon’s Online Fundraiser + Corporate Matching: This July, in the first virtual fundraiser of the entire 2020 school year, Alverno Heights Lower School in California hit their fundraising goal with a Boosterthon virtual fundraiser—$40,000 raised! And $2,000 of that was from corporate matching donations alone.

Read their success story from the first virtual fundraiser of the 2020 school year.

Corporate matching is one of the most effective ways schools can increase their profits without asking parents to give more or having the school and volunteers put in more work. It’s free money available to schools, they just need to choose a fundraiser that integrates it seamlessly.

If your school is interested in a proven, fun, and safe virtual or on-campus fundraiser this school year, we’d love to help create a customized, successful and smile-worthy fundraising experience with you.

Get Started Today!


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