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Even though the Boosterthon is a 9-day program, one school has made it last a full year. Here’s how.

Six Mile Elementary in Six Mile, SC, makes our character theme their own, not when the Boosterthon program kicks off but when the school year starts. And they’ve been doing it for the past 3 years. If you walked through the hallways of Six Mile in August, you’d spot Boosterthon’s character lessons on t-shirts, hear them on the daily announcements, and championed at monthly breakfasts and at quarterly pep rallies. Mr A

I spoke to Principal Alexander about a few ways his school is implementing the Rock’n Town Live character lessons throughout the school year. Here’s what he said.

1. “Amplify Others.” Six Mile, home of the Eagles, has a “Best of the Nest” board displayed in the front office. This is a great way to practice “Amplifying Others” because students who are seen displaying the character trait of the month will have his or her name displayed on the board.

2. “Play Hard.” Students are also encouraged to be active whenever possible. The school has a morning fitness program led by its PE teacher. Most mornings, when the weather is nice, students get to start the day off walking the track.

3. “Plug In To Serve.” Students have service-learning opportunities with each grade participating in projects like giving Christmas toys or canned goods to children and families in need.

Principal Alexander said it’s great how the school sets up ways for students to experience the character lessons, but it’s incredibly rewarding when teachers see students live them out on their own. And this led to one of the most memorable moments he’s experienced as a principal.

On the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run, after all the Kindergarteners through 5th grade students finished running, they held a Fun Run just for the 4-year-olds. But it was late in the day and the crowd of cheering parents had long gone home.

The youngest students needed a cheering squad.

“Before I knew it,” he explains, “the track was lined with cheering fifth graders. It was a wonderful scene of what it means to ‘Amplify Others,’ especially those who need it most.” He was so proud of his school and for the 5th graders’ desire to support the 4-year-old class.

Months before the Boosterthon Fun Run, the 5th graders were learning to Amplify Others, and they seized a great opportunity to put it into action on their own.

Principals and Boosterthon team members out on a trip.Principal Alexander says, “By applying the Boosterthon character lessons before and after the program, the students know what to expect and have already made it a part of their culture. The 9-day Boosterthon experience is simply an extension and highlight of what we strive for daily at SME.”

So what can your school do to make the Boosterthon character theme a year-round presence? Principal Alexander encourages you to “be intentional, plan ahead and don’t make Boosterthon an isolated event. Team up and make it a vital part of your culture.”

So, will your school take the challenge? Simply plan ahead and watch from Fall to Summer how your students grow into better, more caring leaders.

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