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THANK YOU to everyone who participated in BoosterFest. Our 3rd annual online festival was a hit again, and we heard some amazing stories along the way.  We hope you heard a resounding “THANK YOU” from us for a great school year.

We didn’t want you to miss some of the best answers from parents like you, so here they are. Grab a tissue, be encouraged, and enjoy!

We asked: Has your student had an incredible teacher this school year? Share with us why their teacher should win a $100 gift card!

"Ms. Kottmann at Valrico Academy in Riverview, FL. My son is in her 3rd grade class. He was bullied to the point that he did not want to go to school. I contacted Ms Kottmann and she handled the situation quickly and compassionately. She handled it discreetly so as not to embarrass or cause more issues. My son has not had any other issues and I truly believe it is because of the way Ms. Kottmann stepped in and was a voice against bullying. She has truly made an impact on my son and her entire class." -Kristi

We asked: Why is generosity important to you?

"Generosity is important because most of the hospitals and non-profit organizations are already helping those in need. In order for them to keep helping, they in return need help. It's a cycle; what goes around comes around. I'd much rather support a business that goes out of their way to help our communities than those who are in it for the dollars. Boosterthon not only gives back to the communities with their Pass It Forward hoop sets, but they help our schools raise desperately needed funds, and get our kids moving all at the same time!" -Jennifer

We asked: Why do you love the Boosterthon program?

"My kindergartener loved it so much that she insisted on joining the school's running club right afterward. I now have a little cross country runner thanks to Boosterthon! Our run was held last August, and nine months later she is still talking about how much fun it was!" -Heather

Be sure to browse through our Facebook page to read more incredible answers to our BoosterFest contests. We love hearing from you. In fact, if you ever have any suggestions, questions, or just nice things to say, email information@boosterthon.com.


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