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A fun and relaxing summer has come and gone, and all 615 Boosterthon schools are now in the “back-to-school” phase of an exciting, new school year. Some students have been settled for close to a month, while some still have unopened crayon boxes and doodle-free desks.

The first month of school can be hectic for some families— aligning school and sports schedules, pick-up times, and adding more parenting duties.

Teacher sits with her notebook at the front of the class.But while the parents are buying new school supplies and students are getting used to a new classroom, what are teachers doing to prepare for this crucial time of the school year, and what are they trying to accomplish early on? We interviewed one of the best teachers at Springfield Elementary in Fort Mill, SC to find out what goes into getting students off to a great start. The interesting thing is, it’s exactly what our theme, Epic Adventure, is all aboutTeamwork.

Jean Summerville has been teaching at Springfield Elementary for 10 of her 37 years as an educator. An obvious veteran of the back-to-school process, Jean’s launched 37 different classes into new territory. When asked how she organizes and prepares for the first month of a new school year, Jean said, “I meet with third grade teachers to learn about the special needs of my upcoming fourth graders.  I also communicate with fifth grade teachers about the special learning situations of my previous fourth graders who are now fifth graders.  I try to meet with the parents of my new fourth graders!”

Teamwork. Jean collaborates with her fellow teachers to make sure every student she has previously taught, or is about to teach, has the best chance for success, making the students’ learning the top priority.

We also asked Jean, “What important things need to happen in the first few weeks to begin a great school year?” She said that building a schedule, establishing structure, communicating procedures, expressing expectations, and stressing the importance of responsibility, honesty, and teamwork in the classroom are vital to a successful first month. Teamwork is important, but great team members also need to be responsible by working productively and in harmony with others.

Jean also has her classroom vote on a team nickname, and then the class researches theMother and daughter pose with a school spirit sign. plant, animal, or event they adopt. Choosing a team name unifies the students, while giving them the opportunity to learn at the same time.

This year’s Boosterthon character theme, Epic Adventure, is all about teamwork, and we are excited to see that our theme helps reinforce what teachers are already trying to accomplish in their classrooms. Jean generously said about the Boosterthon team, “They are excellent role models for our students.  They model and discuss important character traits such as cooperation, responsibility, and honesty. Their enthusiasm for doing a great job at school and in the community motivates our students to become great citizens!”

We are proud to serve all of our wonderful Boosterthon teachers. Thank you for impacting the lives of the next generation.

We wish our schools a great and successful school year.

Adventure awaits!


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