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When you think of pledging your school, do you think of revolutionary pledging technology? We do. For busy parents, supporting their school should be simple and (we think) actually fun. And in order to deliver that flawlessly, our team dreams big and goes to work creating pledging inventions that make fundraising easier and a whole lot more fun.

Whether you prefer the old-fashioned phone call, email, text, or Facebook link, our newest feature might become your favorite. As far as pledging technology goes, it’s right out of the lab and already making waves in early August programs.

Introducing the never-before-seen STUDENT STAR VIDEO!

As the first company in our industry to use this revolutionary technology, parents cast their child as the star in a short film by uploading their picture to funrun.com and we create a personalized video of that student changing the world! Then, parents can share the link and ask for support from friends and family.

“One of Booster’s goals is to be the most innovative fundraising company in America, and we commit lots of time and resources to accomplishing that. Creating the Student Star video was a huge collaboration between our Creative team and Technology team,” says Executive VP of Client Experience, Brett Trapp. “What I love about Student Star is that it makes asking for pledges super easy. You can send it to anyone in your social network because it’s a light, fun way for anyone to pledge a student.”

“It’s been so fun to hear stories of the ‘wow’ moment when students, parents, and sponsors see their student in the video,” says Executive VP of Technology, Todd Trappe. “We’ve been dreaming of this project for years, and it’s finally ready for people to enjoy.”

Now, we wouldn’t tell you about this awesome innovation without giving you the chance to experience it yourself. When your Boosterthon program arrives this year, try it out; but until then, here’s a sneak peek of the Student Star video. Just picture your student as the reoccurring girl’s photo. And get ready to cast your own student as the star in this epic story about changing the world.

Happy pledging (and watching!)

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