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Have you ever been surprised with someone's kindness? Truly blown away that someone took the time to think about you? That is what the Boosterthon team is challenging students to do through a random act of kindness called a "Cabin Caper" that compliments our Camp High Five character theme all about friendship.

So, what is a Cabin Caper? It’s an encouraging trick where you do something special, in secret, for someone else.

And it's happening. Boosterthon classrooms and families are devising friendly schemes to surprise others.

Here are some examples uploaded to www.CabinCapers.com.

Classroom Cabin Caper handmade signs.

  Ms. Sproles class, Veterans Park Elementary, Lexington, KY

"Our class capered a 4th grade classroom while they were out of the room for specials. We made personal notes for each student in the class, organized their desks, and gave each a special treat from our classroom treat tub. We did this anonymously to brighten their school day :). We could hear the excitement from our classroom when they returned!"

the kids from the Blewer family show off their homemade cards.

The Blewer Family made cards for a neighbor battling cancer.

"We made cards. We watched till her husband left and sneaked over a placed the bag of cards on their gate and quickly ran off not knowing when he was to return . . . [My kids] have learned what one kind word can do for someone."

So, how do you commit a Cabin Caper?

  1. Decide if you are committing one as a group or by yourself.
  2. Look around. Pick a target (like your teacher, another teacher, a parent, brother or sister, a neighbor, or someone at school).
  3. Make a fun plan to surprise them with kindness.
  4. Complete your plan (and be sneaky!).
  5. Celebrate your Cabin Caper!

(Optional Contest!)

Think you have a great Cabin Caper? Take a photo and win a prize.


  1. Take a picture of your work before you leave.
  2. Upload your picture to www.CabinCapers.com and join others around the country for fun monthly contests and great prizes like an iPad Mini. Just get votes to win.

So join the fun and commit a Cabin Caper of your own. Make it a fun family  or class event and choose someone who might need some encouragement. Be sure to snap a picture and upload it to www.CabinCapers.com to catalog your random act of kindness. Be a part of the movement to show everyone friendship!



Still not sure what a Cabin Caper is? Download our App (just search "Boosterthon" in your app store) or purchase our children’s book to read the story behind the name.


Check out the Boosterthon Home Office's Cabin Caper at www.CabinCapers.com.

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