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Brrrr! It’s cold outside, so we’re taking all the fun of the Boosterthon inside! In many ways, some schools enjoy an indoor Fun Run even more. Students enjoy an indoor funrun!

So, here are 5 things you’ll notice when you cheer on your student this winter, plus a few helpful parent tips.

1.   Smaller Track: Most gyms fit just one track (whereas a field would hold two). We’ve shrunk the size of the Boosterthon track without taking away the exciting elements of our larger setup.

2.   Run Time: Instead of 30 minutes, each Fun Run will last 15 minutes. But, students will still be able to complete their 30-35 lap goal. 

3.   Even More Cheering: Because of the track size and time, half of the students will run for the first 15 minutes, while the other half will cheer on their classmates!

Then, they'll switch so each group gets to both cheer and run.


Parent Tip: Even though we’re indoors, still bring your signs and banners to cheer on your student.

4.   Water Stations: No need to worry about slipping because we do not set up a water station indoors. Instead, students will be given time to use the school water fountains.Boosterthon fun runs high fiving along the track.

Parent Tip: If you bring water into the gym, make sure it’s in a closed top bottle!

5.   Indoor Soundtrack: Some things don't change whether you're inside or outside. We'll still feature the same upbeat songs students love to run to.  Be prepared to sing and dance throughout the run!

Parent Tip: If you take pictures, be sure to use #Boosterthon on Facebook and Instagram


Is this your first time experiencing the Boosterthon Fun Run? Here's a quick video of what it's all about. 


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