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With many schools starting the school year learning virtually (or preparing for that possibility), administrators and parent leaders are wondering how they’ll raise the essential funds they need for their school when some students, or all students, may be learning online.

The team at Alverno Heights Lower School in Sierra Madre, California, knows firsthand that a successful, fully virtual fundraiser is possible this school year. They just completed Boosterthon’s first virtual fundraising program of the 2020 school year, and it was a huge success! They reached their fundraising goal and raised $40,000 using Boosterthon’s virtual fundraiser.

What Did The PTA Think About an Online School Fundraiser?

Here’s what their PTA President said about the online fundraising experience for their school.

“Using Boosterthon’s virtual program, we raised over $40,000 for student iPads and classroom Smart TVs for Alverno Heights Lower School—in just 16 days!"

Booster perfected its virtual fundraising program option during the height of quarantine back in April and May of 2020, with some schools hosting their fundraiser virtually to cap off the school year. Now, fully ready for schools to enjoy for the 2020 school year as a successful alternative to an on-campus or product sale fundraiser if students are learning virtually. Though, if students ARE learning face to face, the Booster team can still bring a safe and fun on-campus fundraising program that’s customized to the health and safety needs of any school—even hybrid learning, A/B schedules, and everything in-between.

What Was the Virtual Fundraising Experience Like For Families?

“Boosterthon’s VIRTUAL program brought the JUNIOR JAG GAMES to LIFE and allowed our families to have fun with the character lesson videos and completing their laps safely from wherever we were on event day.”

The fundraiser started with a fun kickoff, and then throughout the program, students experienced Booster’s best-in-class character program each day. Families used Booster’s powerful online fundraising platform to gather donations from family and friends, and then students participated in the big event—the Junior Jag Games—at the end of the fundraiser.

At the Junior Jag Games, students could choose to bike, swim, scooter, or run their laps from home. Donors would pledge a dollar per lap for each lap they completed (or they could make a flat donation.)

To help make the school feel connected during their virtual fundraiser, parents sent the school videos and pictures of their students participating at home, and the school in turn posted on their social channels. At the end of the day, there was montage of active students supporting their school through fun and fitness.

How Did They Reach Their Fundraising Goal With an Online Fundraiser?

Boosterthon’s fully online as well as on-campus fundraisers are designed to bring in donations far beyond just parents. Instead of asking parents to do all the giving, Boosterthon’s online fundraising platform encourages parents to SHARE about their school fundraiser with family and friends on Facebook, email, or via text in one click. And sharing about their fundraiser worked extremely well for Alverno Heights parents. Here are their success stats:

      • $40,000 raised in 16 days

      • 28% of donations came from parents, which means 72% of all donations were given by NON-PARENTS!

      • Donations from 36 states and 6 countries

      • $2,000 raised through Booster’s new and exclusive corporate matching program

Congratulations to the Alverno Heights Lower School students, staff and families. Our team absolutely loved your enthusiasm, school spirit, and dedication to the program. We look forward to our next fundraiser with you!

If your school is interested in a proven, fun, and safe virtual or on-campus fundraiser this school year, we’d love to help create a customized, successful and smile-worthy fundraising experience with you.


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