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There is something about the innocent and unfiltered way a child speaks that makes you hang on every word. Maybe it is the matter-of-factness or the gleam in their eye when they look at you, but for some reason it impacts you differently because you know they mean exactly what they say.

That’s why we have loved hosting the My Princess Dance in Atlanta, GA, for the past four years, where sincere conversations between dads and their daughters are in no short supply.

In honor of the My Princess Dance, we asked three team members and their daughters to explain why they love each other.Olivia&daddy

Be prepared to smile. 

  • Bubba Fulcher - Home Office 

Olivia (Age 4): I love my Daddy because he is inside of my heart and I love everybody in there.

Bubba: Olivia is so special because SHE IS the true princess of our little homely-castle (Mommy being the Queen)  ;) She gives me the most rewarding delight and literal meaning of the infamous term, “Daddy’s little girl.”

  • Mark Norman - Team Charlotte 

Ellie (Ellie 4): I love my Dad because he gives me big hugs. And he jokes with me!

Mark: Ellie's name means "light" and she truly has been that everywhere she goes; people know when Ellie has graced their presence.

  •  JC Peña - Home Office

Elizabeth (Age 6): I love my daddy because he is sweet, funny, gives me kisses and plays with me.

JC: What's so special about Elizabeth is that she is the joy of the house. She is always smiling, jumping, playing, and painting. But her most precious gift is her heart. She is so sweet and caring for others. She is always making new friends and giving a joyful smile everywhere we go.

So there you have it.

Daddy-daughter bonds run deep and can’t be summed up in a few sentences, but the tip of the iceberg is enough to see that something is special.

Speaking of icebergs, don't miss out on this year’s My Princess Dance theme: A Frozen Fairytale! I envision everyone singing “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs by the end of the night.

So grab your bow ties and ball gowns and get a taste of the magic for yourself by clicking here. Between real-life princesses, cupcakes, and carriage—this night will be one for the books!



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