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Although Croce Elementary in Livermore, CA, has partnered with Booster for the past four years, this fall was the first time Principal Marni Angelo experienced a Boosterthon fundraising program.

"I don't even know where to begin,” said Principal Angelo, “This was my first experience with Booster, and I couldn't have been more pleased.”

“This was my first experience with Booster, and I couldn't have been more pleased.”


Great Needs Require Great Fundraising!


Coming into this fall, Croce Elementary knew they needed funds this year more than ever. Specifically, they needed money to help teachers pay for ordinary classroom supplies like books, pencils, paper, and other essentials. 

But like so many schools across the country, the weight of COVID-19 and its effects has been a heavy burden on the entire Croce community—both financially and emotionally. They needed funds, to be sure, but more than financial support, the team at Croce also needed something fun for students to look forward to. They needed an experience that would “boost” their spirits and bring their community together. 

The Croce leadership turned to their friends on their local Booster team for an innovative solution to their problem. After discussing their school’s unique needs with Booster, Croce decided to host a Virtual Boosterthon DanceFit program. Created in partnership with the legendary game Just Dance, DanceFit is Booster’s latest fundraising event that schools can experience either in-person or virtually. 

Although CES chose a virtual option, the Booster team came up with several creative ways to safely engage the Croce community. For example, during the program, the Booster team hosted an epic, drive-thru event where Croce students and families came to pick up their free t-shirts and special weekend challenge prizes. Music was playing, cars drove underneath inflatable arches, and the school mascot (Leo the Cheetah) and Superintendent Dr. Kelly Bowers even made guest appearances! 

The Results of Croce Elementary’s Virtual Boosterthon Fundraiser


So what were the results? Croce set out with a fundraising goal of $15,000, and through their virtual Boosterthon fundraiser they profited $18,237!

Using Booster’s online fundraising platform, the Croce community was able to reach donors far beyond their school. In fact, over 70% of Croce’s donations came from non-parents

And as we mentioned earlier, those much-needed funds will go directly back into teachers’ classrooms to pay for essential supplies.

Principal Angelo was effusive about her first experience with Booster: 

“I’d heard that the [on-campus] version of Boosterthon was amazing, but I felt the same about the virtual version. The team was upbeat and enthusiastic, and the communication was well thought out and informative.” 

Since they had partnered with Booster in years past, the Croce team knew Booster could create a high-energy, fun experience for students and raise the funds they needed. They expected it. But what really impressed Croce this year was Booster’s ability to provide a high-quality virtual fundraiser in such a short time frame. 

From all of us at Booster, we want to congratulate the entire Croce community on their phenomenal fundraising success. It’s an honor to serve amazing schools like Croce! 


If your school is interested in a proven, fun, and safe virtual or on-campus fundraiser this school year, we’d love to help.

Click here to learn more about hosting a virtual or on-campus Boosterthon fundraiser.

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