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Boosterthon’s 2017-2018 character theme is CASTLE QUEST! It’s an English castle theme all about bravery. On their quest to regain Bravemore Castle, your students will learn the “SIX VIRTUES of a TRUE HERO” from a cast of colorful characters.

Built in collaboration with CHARACTER COUNTS!, America’s most well-known character organization, schools will experience Boosterthon’s most creative theme yet paired with CHARACTER COUNTS’s 25 years of researched-backed character traits. The result is an epic experience that every student will love.

Boosterthon's Castle Quest Character Theme: The Six Virtues of a True Hero

Drawing on Character Counts's FOUR WHEELS OF SUCCESS, Castle Quest's character content includes academic traits, social/emotional learning, and classic character traits. In short, it's the most holistic character program we've ever created.

Throughout their journey with Castle Quest, your students will learn about FOCUS, SELF-AWARENESS, RESPECT, TRUSTWORTHINESS, CREATIVITY, and being a LIFE-LEARNER.


Boosterthon Character Program Castle Quest Character Virtues

Castle Quest: A Year-Long Character Program

The best part? Our clients can now experience our world-class character program year-round AT NO ADDITIONAL COST! Impact your students all year long with our research-backed, 36-week-long character program, included free with your Boosterthon program.



What do you get?

· 32+ videos designed to be played once per week

· Access to our user-friendly digital website that houses all videos

· Ability for teachers to log in and show videos on their own schedule

· Story, activity, and discussion-based videos students will love

· Online classroom resources that maximize character discussions

· PBIS integrated program that also compliments with Leader In Me


Visit BoosterthonCharacter.com to start building your students' character all year long! (Note: You need a passcode to access our year-round character site. To get a passcode, simply reach out to your local Boosterthon Team Member.)


Boosterthon Castle Quest Trailer

Click here to watch a teaser trailer for Castle Quest!

If you're interested in participating in the year-long version of Castle Quest, contact your local Boosterthon team member or click the button below!

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