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Boosterthon is proud to announce our very first product for purchase—the Epic Adventure Character Chest! While normally all of our character resources stay on campus during our program, now students can bring character home with them to enjoy after our team leaves campus. We packaged all of our Epic Adventure character curriculum into one epic resource.

Students will learn about the four actions of a strong team—Encourage, Play, Invite, and Celebrate—through a book, music album, Read Along Mini-Movie, and a poster.

Take a look inside the Character Chest.

ea book-12Children’s Book:

Colt McLaren and the Search for the Lost Island Crystals is a fully-illustrated, 60-paged book that chronicles the journey of daring adventurer, Colt McLaren. Sent to a mysterious island by the Smithsonian, Colt must recover four lost crystals, that once put together, are said to reveal the one word that could change the world.

Music Album:

We produced our own positive, radio-ready 4 song music album that illustrates each Epic Adventure character trait in a fun way. With a lot of questionable music out there, families will love to listen to good music with a great message. Sample the album!

Read Along Mini-Movie:students sit around a campfire.

At one of their weekly meetings, the Epic Adventure Club, a group of quirky elementary school students, discover an old book in a trunk. Always looking for new adventures, the club decides to read it, and the story opens an adventure they've never experienced before. Close to a one-hour feature, students will love seeing the Epic Adventure book come to life and learn the character traits alongside the club. The words appear on the screen so students can improve their reading skills as they watch.


Perfect to display in your student’s room! Remind your child of Colt McLaren’s adventures and the Epic Adventure character traits with an awesome poster.

The Epic Adventure Character Chest is a great gift for: char.chest



-End of school year gift

-Gift from grandparents

-Educational summer activities

Amazon Easy! BUY your Character Chest --> HERE!

And for Amazon Prime users, shipping is FREE.

Still want to learn more about the Character Chest? Check out a short video giving you a closer look.

We know your family will love it!

See how we created the Epic Adventure theme. Take a look behind the scenes.



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