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"What are you doing to improve your program?" We are so glad you asked! Let me explain...

By now you’ve figured out Boosterthon is not your average fundraising company.  When principals get slimed, team members go by names like “Slammin’ Andy” and “Rally Ally,” and, most noticeably, your student gets fired up about running and helping their school, you know it must be Boosterthon week!


So, when it comes to improving our program we do it a little differently too. Instead of relying on our own ideas, over the last two years, we've invited parents and educators like you to speak into our program and take it to the next level.

A year ago, parents helped us develop the 2014-2015 theme, and this year, we brought some of our best parent leaders, principals, and a counselor together from across the country for a two-day event in Atlanta, GA, called, “In The Blue.” Over the course of the event we talked about everything from character traits, to pricing, to how schools can increase parent involvement on campus—all to make your Boosterthon experience even better.

Here is what our attendees said about the event:

  • Valuable few days! Gave me a much greater point of view about the company and its people.  It gave me a whole new outlook that I will happily share with others.
  • I think every client of Boosterthon should do this! It was a game changer. You come away with such a different perspective.
  • Very few companies open themselves up like this and want to be a team with their clients. I hope the Booster mentality spreads and engulfs America.

After the event, our Home Office team spent time going over all the feedback to begin making improvements to our program. We are like kids in a candy shop with all these great parent-originated ideas. We can’t wait for you to experience our upgraded program soon.

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It doesn’t stop there. These participants are now the inaugural members of our “Blue Group.” The Blue Group is made up of passionate leaders on Boosterthon campuses across the country. They will serve as advisors throughout the year and will get the first look at many of Boosterthon’s new initiatives. Would you love to help make us even better? Apply to be in the Blue Group by emailing us at info@boosterthon.com.

We can’t improve without your help!



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