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We love serving schools year after year. Some students own six different Boosterthon t-shirts, one for each year of their entire elementary school career. It’s fun to see the reaction on students’ faces when we return after the first year because they know what to expect. Parents are the same way because they already know our program, our team, and the heart behind why we do what we do.

But when we serve a first-year school, it can be really funny to hear the first-year thoughts from parents about how our program works or who we are as an organization.

So, here’s a little list of some first-thoughts and what actually happens.

1. Boosterthon is expensive! And this is a natural assumption. Our program is very robust and unlike anything else in fun runner with a Boosterthon t-shirt makes it through the tunnel.the fundraising industry. We like to think of it as a luxury car with all the bells and whistles.

Well, actually, the Boosterthon is one of the cheapest fundraising programs for schools out there.

Did you know that most fundraisers do a 50-50 split with schools? And book sales tend to leave schools about 25% of the funds raised. But with Boosterthon, there’s nothing to sell, it’s fitness and character focused, everyone is included, and schools keep EVEN MORE than normal.

In this case, the luxury car costs less, but you get to enjoy all the high-end benefits. Plus, Boosterthon historically raises 70% more funds for schools than their previous best product-sale fundraiser (like wrapping paper, cookie dough, ect.) It’s like the luxury car also gets 60 miles per gallon—you get more out of it :)

2. The Boosterthon is just a day-long event.

Well, actually, for our LIVE program, our team logs on average 300 hours preparing for and leading our 9-day program. Boosterthon LIVE consists of a fun pep rally, seven team days, and the highly anticipated Boosterthon Fun Run. It’s probably because the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run event is our most exciting day (with the most pictures taken and the most parents on campus) that people first assume our program is only one day long.

Get an idea of how we create a 9-day, world-class Boosterthon program.

3. The Boosterthon Home Office must be in a skyscraper! This one cracks us up. Maybe it’s because we put so Boosterthon Home Officemuch time and thought into our printed materials, character videos, and music to make them retail quality that people assume it takes a giant corporation to pull it all off. Interestingly, some people first think we work in a tall building in a busy metropolis.

Well, actually, our Home Office team is pretty cozy in our one-story building in the suburbs of Atlanta with about 40 hardworking (and fun!) people. Our office is modest, and it works for us.

In fact, you can click here to take a tour of the Boosterthon Home Office.

4. The Boosterthon focuses only on the individual student. Sure, students can earn individual rewards for getting pledges, and our character lessons often focus on improving personal choices like telling the truth or taking care of your body. Boosterthon Students Run

Well, actually, we love how our program rallies students TOGETHER to help their school. Our entire program revolves around TEAMWORK. Each class is a team and we remind students that they are working together to help their school. And the best part is that everyone is included in the Boosterthon. Even if a student doesn’t participate financially, he or she still gets to enjoy team prizes with their classmates (like a popcorn or crazy hat party, extra recess, ect.), still runs in the Boosterthon Fun Run, and still experiences our character and fitness program. It’s just more fun to win as a team.

And we have a really fun founding family. Hear Chris and Lyndie Carneal tell the story of how Boosterthon first began.


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