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"The important thing in life is to have a great aim, and the determination to attain it." - Goethe

 We love the beginning of a new year. It is a chance for us to reevaluate and reset, to start over and plan better, and to make this year better than the one before.

 So, we were curious. “What are our team members' big goals for 2014?” Needless to say, they have some lofty, audacious ones. Just the recipe needed for a year of awesomeness!

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Chris Carneal | President & Founder – My mom was a reading professor, so education has always been high-ranking on my list of goals. This year I plan to read 25 books. Also, as a husband of almost 12 years and father of four, I want to have two date nights a month and spend intentional, one-on-one time with my kids. Lastly, I want to focus on fitness. Using one of my favorite apps, Strides, I aim to complete 100 workouts this year.

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The Strides App helps you stay on track with all your 2014 goals!

Dominah Herrea | Team Phoenix - It's pretty simple! I think I'd like to try running at least one 5k race every month this year!

Doug Admundson | Team Chicago – My goal is to read two books a month. You know what they say, “leaders are readers!”

Rachel Sharpe | Team South Florida – I want to better manage my personal budget and keep track of my spending.  I downloaded a free budget app on my phone that will keep track of my spending!

Blake Patterson| Team Phoenix – I’m running my first full marathon on March 1st! Also, I want to start building an emergency fund.

Still haven’t set your 2014 goals? There’s still time! Take some inspiration from our Boosterthon team members and brainstorm how you can grow, learn, and enjoy life more in the new year.

Proven Resolution Tips: Write them down | Share them out loud | Send a weekly progress report to a friend



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