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It’s safe to say that most young boys dream of becoming professional athletes. Probably because it’s the closest image of a hero—someone who can save the day with one dunk, homerun, strike out, or goal.

And while children will eventually realize there are many ways to become a hero as they grow up, for one Boosterthon team member, he’s become the closest thing to the boyhood vision of a hero—Collin is a professional baseball player.

Last Thursday, 3-year Boosterthon team member, Collin McHugh, was suddenly called up from his minor league team in Buffalo, NY to pitch for the New York Mets against the Colorado Rockies. When Collin told us the news, we couldn’t have been more ecstatic. Our president Chris Carneal flew to New York to see the game with Collin’s family, friends, and high school coach.

“It was such an amazing experience,” said Chris, “to support a Boosterthon team member who’s worked incredibly hard for so long. The Booster Family is proud of Collin and I wanted to go to show my support on behalf of all of us.”

Collin’s been working towards this moment for years, with the odds of making it to the major leagues against him. And you’d have to know Collin’s character to realize how deserving he is of such an incredible opportunity. Collin’s worked in the Boosterthon Home Office in Atlanta during each off-season. Every winter he goes from the star pitcher on his minor league team to humbly serving our office—shipping, mailing, organizing—finding any way he can help. You would never know he throws a 90-mile per hour fastball!

Last winter break, our Home Office returned to newly assembled furniture and tables, freshly painted walls and even a graphic

Line of baseball cleats with jersey numbers on the back.

of our mission—[CTW]—emblazoned on a wall. His wife, Ashley, and he spent extra time making our office feel special. That’s just who they are.

Need-less-to-say, when Collin took the mound for the Mets last Thursday, we were all behind him. And while we didn’t know what to expect, (it’s major league baseball after all) Collin delivered an outstanding performance. He pitched 7 scoreless innings with only 2 hits, and 9 strikeouts in his first major league game. That’s the second most strikeouts ever for a Met’s pitcher in a debut game.

Maybe you don’t watch sports, or you like a different baseball team, but if you see Collin pitching, you have someone to cheer for, because all of the Booster Family is going crazy for him. He’s a hero!

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