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We are continuing to celebrate schools that have gone above and beyond to do extraordinary things with the money they’ve raised with the Boosterthon Fun Run.

Our next feature school is Norton Elementary in Allen, Texas.A group of students and Boosterthon team members pose for an aerial shot group photo.

For the past two years, Norton Elementary has looked forward to the Boosterthon team stepping foot on campus each September. Before Boosterthon served Norton, the school needed to participate in multiple fundraisers to meet it’s educational needs and the school community did not enjoy sending the students to sell products door-to-door. Enter: Boosterthon!

With an average of $50,000 profit for the school from Boosterthon, the faculty and staff members at Norton Elementary can now pursue projects that they have desired for years, but were always too expensive.

With a 14-year-old campus, Norton Elementary’s playground areas were very weathered and in need of a face-lift. Although they had a concrete slab and two basketball goals (one of the goals being broken), the students did not have anything to play with, or do, unless they brought their own ball from home.

Carrie Zamora, Vice President of Ways & Means for Norton, is thrilled that they have been able to begin the process of giving students a nice outside area to exercise and interact with one another.

“We re-striped our black top with games, a track and basketball courts, repaired our basketball goal, added two tether ball poles, purchased balls, jump ropes, other equipment and a ball cart, and ordered two picnic tables, a bench and trash can for this area,” said Carrie. “Now we have plenty of activities for all of the students to utilize. Plus, the kids have a fun and colorful place to play, which makes everyone happier!”

The school wanted to celebrate the new playground and the success of the students’ fundraising efforts, so the principals held the morning announcements on the newly painted black top for a ribbon cutting presentation so students could see what they helped fund and what they would get to play on every day at school.Aerial view of an elementary school playground with children playing at recess.

The students now look forward to playing on the playground this upcoming semester with the Boosterthon team when they return for the third Norton Elementary Boosterthon Fun Run. The Norton families and staff members love seeing the students learn crucial character lessons while being encouraged to give back to the community, according to Carrie. “They go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that every detail and every child is covered – which makes my job easy. It puts Boosterthon in a category all on its own.”

The Norton community is looking forward to what is to come in the future with Boosterthon. Word on the black top is that Norton is busy dreaming up a large colorful play structure to go along with that colorful black top this upcoming year. We can’t wait to see it!

Be on the look out as we slide into our next school that is building incredible school projects funded by Boosterthon.

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