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2005 was something else. The flip-phone was envied, CDs were all the rage, and twitter was merely a sound, not a social network. 2005 also marks the year the Boosterthon started a 10-year partnership with Mt. Laurel Elementary School in Birmingham, AL.

Since then, #hashtags have flooded the Internet, a VHS is foreign to young people, & the phrase “roll down your window” has lost all relevance.

Technology has truly outdone itself; when used in schools it creates a culture of learning that is highly interactive and personalized.

Over the last 10 years, Mt. Laurel Elementary School has seen giant technological and school improvements, raising over $250,000 by partnering with the Boosterthon since 2005!

In addition to fulfilling school budget items, here are a few major Mt. Laurel faculty pose with a giant check of the money they raised for their school.technology updates they’ve purchased with their Boosterthon funds:

Smart Boards



Document Cameras


And this year, a technology cart with 30 iPads!


It has been so fun to grow with Mt. Laurel and all of our wonderful school partners.

Here’s to 10 more years!

My, oh my, have things changed in 10 years. (Our program used to look like this.)

Interested in making big improvements to your school? Apply to bring the Boosterthon to help.



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