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Over the years, we've garnered some pretty incredible Boosterthon reviews. And this year was no different.

During the last week of May we held BoosterFest 2017, our annual online celebration where we thank our fans and supporters through contests, giveaways, and our character theme reveal. As always, the Boosterthon reviews and engagement (including comments and photos) were phenomenal.

Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our clients love and enjoy our program. Here are a few of our favorite highlights:

Overall Boosterthon Reviews

We love everything about Boosterthon and cannot wait till November so we can do it again. -Danyelle Nevins Banter
I love everything about Boosterthon! Great organization, amazing people. They’re like a breath of fresh air when they come to our school. The Fun Run is our most successful fundraiser but we keep having Boosterthon come back because of the connections they make with our students, teachers, and volunteers.   -Betsy Arndt
This was our first year with Boosterthon, and we are thrilled with the entire event. They definitely will be coming back to our school next year.  -Shelley Watts Stevenson
The Boosterthon Fun Run was the BEST fundraiser and the most fun activity that we have ever done at our school. I can't recommend it enough!!!!   -Liz Gold Pietrasiewicz
Super excited to be on board for year #3. Best fundraiser bang for your buck :) -Lisa Christensen
BEST FUNDRAISER HANDS DOWN!!! Boosterthon has been such a blessing to our school for two years in a row and we are ready for year 3. YOU ROCK! -Apryl Davis
Headed for year #9 this fall! Woo hoo! -Cathy Ellis
Such an amazing organization!! Our school LOVES Boosterthon!! -Kerrie Eisel Sirmans

Boosterthon Reviews: Favorite Boosterthon Memory

We also asked our fans to tell us their Boosterthon highlight from this past year. It could have been an interaction with a Booster team member, a Fun Run event, or even as simple as seeing their student fired up about character. Here were a few of our favorites: 

The compassion and understanding from the team when we were hit by Hurricane Matthew and the entire year was derailed. It was a hard time for all our families and your team was so supportive. -Stacey Lynes Tripp
Our school has a student who has missed most of the school year because he is fighting his own battle against leukemia. When our Boosterthon team learned about this student, they worked closely with his teacher to send extra videos and messages to him. GI Joe ended up duct taped to our flagpole when the class won a Boosterthon challenge and they did their own #BrodyStrong pose to show that this student was there in spirit. We love that the Boosterthon team took the time to make this student feel special. It wasn't about raising money—it was completely about showing this student they care. -Betsy Arndt
One of my favorite moments was watching my "Cruisin' Connor" being chosen to hold the flag during the pledge of allegiance. He's struggled with being the smallest kid in his grade, especially this day, so being chosen out of the whole school made his experience magical. He was so very proud!!!  -Erin Smith
Way too many to choose from...this was our 4th year and every year has been amazing! The kids look forward to seeing them every Fall. We got all 50 states this year and 100% collected!!! The Give Back Day was amazing and is always a favorite to see our amazing team again. They also come back every year and DJ for us during our carnival in the Spring. Our kids love our Boosterthon team :) -Nicole C Stanley
My favorite memory is definitely just that of our entire school—staff, students, and families—coming together to genuinely help our school. It was so encouraging to see everyone getting into it!  -Vanessa Manning
Backyard Box Office was our first Boosterthon. I would have to say the highlight was when the students came into the gym and thru the Boosterthon Tunnel. The smiles that were on their faces as they came out the other side and saw the gym. Awesome Ari and All 🌟 Ali rocked our Pep Rally!! It was a great start to our first year :) -Yvonne Stitzel
Mine is actually from every year that we have had Boosterthon. The look in the kid's eyes is with stays with me all of the time. They are so excited and happy to see the Boosterthon team members and interact with them. What I love to see most is the team members stooping down to talk to a child at their level, give them a high-five or a little word of encouragement! They make everyone feel like they are the most important person. You have to have character to teach character and this organization is overflowing with it! I love Boosterthon!!!!!! -Mary Jacobs
My first Boosterthon program was the Big World Recess year. I was at the school at release time listening to our Boosterthon team members on the afternoon announcements. I was standing in the commons area which is the hub of the school where you can see down every hallway at the school. When they signed off with the "Big World Recess" cheer it seriously gave me chills. The entire school erupted down each hall with that cheer and it was at that moment I realized that Boosterthon was much more than a fundraiser. -Rosalind Harvey Thompson
Favorite part? Seeing the kids have so much fun running and dancing and celebrating around the track! A veeeeeeeery close second? Sliming our principal because we met our goal! 😂😂😂  -Gina Cleminson
My favorite moment is when the students came out of the tunnel. Every year I get emotional when they run out of the tunnel with their flags like a total emotional maniac! -Apryl Davis
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