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Your principal is a real person.

We may think they never stray outside school walls, but the truth is they go to the grocery store, cheer for the home team, and even more astonishing, may be kids at heart.

And we can prove it.

Boosterthon principals are a blast, and they use their kid-like creativity and zest for life tohelp motivate their students to reach their goals!

Here are just a few ways Boosterthon principals transform into the coolest kids on campus when the Boosterthon program kicks off.

1.) They become pool rats. Mrs. Groth at Frontier Elementary in Palm Beach, FL braved the dunking booth when her school received pledges from all 50 states!

A Boosterthon team member poses with Miss Groth, who volunteered for the dunking tank.

2.) They arrive to school in style. Dr. Lynda Carter at University Park Elementary in Dallas, TX turns heads when she pulls up to the Boosterthon Fun Run event on a motorcycle. All to get her school in the spirit of this year’s theme, Highway USA.

The school principal arriving via motorcycle to a Boosterthon event.

3.) They reveal their true identity. Swapping their pantsuits for a shimmering cape and tights, they dress up as superheroes, revealing to their students the awesomeness behind their alter ego! Just ask Principal Stephan at Timberlin Creek Elementary in St. Augustine, FL.


4.) They aren’t afraid to get dirty. When the weight of the school is on their shoulders, what’s a little extra slime? It might look gross, but it sure is fun! Mrs. Hunt at Silver Springs Elementary in Detroit, MI was slimed after her school met their goal.

a teacher gets covered in green slime! It's all smiles.

Whether it’s your first year with Boosterthon or your 6th, we want it to be the most exciting event of the school year. Thanks to amazing parent organizations and school faculty, everyone gets to experience an unforgettable event!

So, what are you waiting for? Is your principal going skydiving or what?



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