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Have you ever wondered if Disney will ever run out of ideas? Do you think Pixar will stop thinking of movies to make? Generating ideas, telling stories, keeping kids engaged—we all know that is no small task. Here in the Booster Home Office, we spend thousands of hours brainstorming, researching, and developing character themes for our students.

But this year we had a new idea. What if we, like other creative leaders (Disney, Pixar, etc.), asked our audience for their input? What if we collaborated with the people who know schools, students, and our program the best?


So, we decided to harness the ingenuity, insight, and creativity of some of the sharpest minds on the planet—the minds of Boosterthon parents.

We hosted an event at the end of January called ThemeStorm, where our team flew in 11 incredible Boosterthon parent leaders from across the country toAtlanta for a 3-day brainstorming summit.

Participants went behind the scenes and visited our Home Office, and over dinner, at idea sessions, and even at the mall, our creative team listened, took notes, and asked questions as 11 wildly talented ladies ideated themes that would connect with students and creatively teach meaningful character lessons.

One of the guiding questions we asked was, “As a parent, what do you want your child to learn from our team?”

The event lived up to the intensity of its name. Pow! Magic happened, and creativity rained down.

Here are a few quotes from our participants about the event:

  • “Being apart of something that has the potential for such big impact was amazing!”
  • “My favorite part of the event was working with the Booster home office team and helping to establish new themes.”
  • “I rank this in my favorites for life experiences. Thank you for the opportunity to grow on both a professional and personal level.”


Thank you to all our ThemeStorm participants, or rather, to our new friends (you all are officially invited to my next birthday party). We can’t wait to work on the themes you helped us discover, and we thank you for your friendship.

Our team has already decided on the theme for 2013-2014, but shhhh, we can’t tell you yet. If you want a sneak peek of next year’s theme, contact your local Boosterthon leader. Dates are filling up and we don’t want you to miss out on Booster’s next adventure…



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