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December is upon us and cold weather is settling in throughout the country. Whether you are part of our Boosterthon family in south Florida or in Virginia, we know that cold weather is bound to strike, which tends to push kids in doors and onto the couch.

While you’re trying to prepare for family dinners and holiday parties, your children are home from school and itching for some fun. Since spending hours playing in the yard may not be an option during the winter months, we caught up with a member of the Booster family who knows physical fitness bestStephen Matthews, a P.E. Specialist at Roswell North Elementary in Roswell, GA.

Spotlight: Stephen has a wife, a seven-year-old son and another child due in March, and loves spending time with his family. As a P.E. teacher for 12 years, he has had the chance to put his love for building relationships to use. He truly enjoys the opportunity to teach every student in the school. Plus, he has the chance to teach them something that is crucial for healthy living fitness.

In order to keep your family active during these winter months, he suggested his top 5 tips (in no particular order):

  1. Play a game of indoor basketball. Use two clothes hampers as goals and a soft ball, or a big ball of crumpled newspaper. For Stephen, basketball is his sport of choice, and he thinks it’s a great way to exercise and enjoy time during the winter when the driveway may be too icy to shoot hoops.A family enjoys the winter snow.
  2. If your kids are going to play video games, they might as well be active ones! Start a Wii dance party with friends. Each family member can take his or her turn mastering dance moves and getting a great workout at the same time. See which games will get your kids moving the most.
  3. Brave the weather! Head outside for some fun in the cold. If it isn’t raining, dress warmly and go out to play. The kids have the chance to burn their energy while you get a fire burning in the fireplace for when they return.
  4. Join a local rec league. Many local governments have great programs that can get the entire family involved. Who knows – you may even find a sport or activity that you enjoy that you’ve never tried before.
  5. Take walks in the neighborhood with your family. You can bundle up and enjoy quality time together. Stroll your neighborhood and check out the beautiful holiday decorations.

Although school will soon be out of session for the holidays and kids don’t have their P.E. classes and recess, it doesn’t mean that the kids have to sit on the couch all day. Instead, Stephen shows that you can enjoy the winter months and stay fit by getting creative and using resources around you!

This time of year offers the perfect opportunity for you and your children to explore new activities and possibly find a new hobby. Regardless, you’re guaranteed to get your heart pumping and stay healthy!

Parents, what is your best way to keep your family active during the winter? We’d love to hear on Facebook!


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