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Over the last few years Boosterthon has written and published 5 theme-enhancing children's books, with over 150,000 copies on classroom shelves. But this year, we’re traveling in a little different direction by introducing the all-new Big World Recess Magazine found in the teacher kit.

When teachers open the first page and begin reading, students will be transported from their classroom to an airplane to a brand new country.

The first stop is New York City, where students meet Phinette and her girls basketball team, The Comets. You can practically hear the thunderous sound of an army of basketballs pounding the worn wooden floors in their practice gym—a century old elementary school in Brooklyn. The Comets are all about teamwork, and the coach says it best when he huddles the girls before a cheer. “If you ain’t touching, you ain’t family.”

Jetting across the world, students land next in Australia to meet ocean-exploring Jet, a 13-year-old scuba diver. Mesmerized by the beautiful expanse of the ocean and every creature in it, Jet and his “mate” Hugo, suit up and explore the inky blue depths, armed with underwater cameras and curiosity.

Bright yellow soccer jerseys flow through the streets of Brazil. Soccer brings the whole country together, and playing the sport starts at a young age, even for Amanda. She practices on the green fields at school or the goal near her house. Every day she gets a little better with the help of her soccer-loving siblings.

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Our next stop lands us in Japan where we meet Akira and his baseball team, the Giants. In the center of busy Tokyo, white, black, and orange uniforms round the bases of an elementary school play area. Watching, you feel like a well-hit ball could land in one of the high rise balconies circling the field. Akira, the captain, sits on a bench resting an injury from another game. He could be sad but instead he shows humility by cleaning baseballs, picking up bats, and cheering on his team.

Surrounded by white, snow covered mountains, we’re now in Switzerland to hang out with Rino, a stellar snowboarder. In his colorful board and head-to-toe ski gear he hops off the ski lift ready to hit the slopes with confidence. He learns big tricks by taking them one small step at a time—that’s what his coaches tell him.

The temperature is warming up quickly as we make our last stop in Kenya. Surrounded by beautiful acacia trees, you’ll see Patience running with a cloud of dust and other runners behind her. In Kenya’s long tradition of distance running, Patience wins her races by showing endurance.

At the end of every article are questions, new words to learn, and fun facts about the world sports. Teachers can use these to spark discussion and teach students about the big world we live in.

Can you travel the world with a magazine? We think so. See you out there.

Location hop around the world in under 60 seconds with our Big World Recess highlight video.

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