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Summer is in full swing and we are busy looking back over an incredible year serving schools and highlighting a few that have great vision for their students and creative ways they can improve their school through Boosterthon funds.

We continue our five part series with our fourth feature school: Sara Collins Elementary in Greenville, S.C.

Each day, the students and teachers at Sara Collins go outside for recess and encountered one problem: a large, eroded hill covered in rocks and red clay, unsuitable for playing. At a school that encourages students to think outside of the box, the student council chose to tackle this problem and came up with the idea to build a slide and put the empty area to good use.

funds raised during a Boosterthon event are used to provide the students with a fun slide.The student council wrote letters to the school board, encouraging the board members to approve the slide project. Through collaboration between the students, physical education teachers, and school faculty and staff, the school board worked with Sara Collins Elementary to build a 28-foot embankment slide for the children to play on and to landscape the surrounding area to rid the hill of dangerous rocks and staining red clay.

The slide has opened up an entirely new area of the playground that could not be used before,” says Devon Pace, the PTA President for 2010-2011. “Everyone wants multiple turns down the slide. It has become the main feature and everyone has responded so well to the new addition. What is so great about it is that the slide really began with school-wide participation and effort.”

This past year, the PTA’s goal was to teach students to be active and build better, healthier lifestyles. As a first year Boosterthon school, Devon felt there could not have been a better way to teach every student the value of exercise than through Boosterthon’s fitness, leadership and character program.

And to make sure every student got to participate in the program, the Boosterthon Fun Run team stayed for an extra day at sara collins 2Sara Collins Elementary in order to include the special needs students in the Boosterthon Fun Run event. So, it was fitting to have the special needs students, and one enthusiastic fifth grade class, to take the initial plunge down the slide at the official ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the schools’ school-wide effort.

“The Boosterthon team are almost heroes in the students’ eyes,” said Devon. “They brought a great program with a new message each day. They were always receptive and interactive with the children, whether in the hallway or in the classroom. More than anything, the employees, program and money raised exceeded our expectations in every way.”

The Boosterthon Fun Run is looking forward to another year with Sara Collins Elementary and to see how their amazing student involvement will help their school community.

We will feature our final school in the upcoming week, where one school has changed from gifting the token apple to a teacher, to enriching education by giving Apples to students.

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