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This week, we are concluding our five part series on schools that have used their Boosterthon Fun Run funds to do incredible things for their students. Our final school is Lakeland Christian School, in Lakeland, FL.

After years of product-based fundraisers, Steve Wilson, Director of Advancement, did not know what to expect financially when he asked the Boosterthon Fun Run to serve their campus and helped them raise funds for his school. Previously, Lakeland Christian School, like many other schools, purchased various odds and ends with funds raised from product-based fundraisers and wanted to find something different.

Lakeland students enjoy their new Apple iPads.After an incredibly successful Boosterthon Fun Run program in September 2010, the school was amazed to find they would be able to do something they had always desired with the $51,000 they raised with Boosterthon, but never had the budget for—purchasing cutting edge educational technology.

With the funds raised, Lakeland Christian purchased a multitude of classroom technology: 60 iPads, 60 iPod Touches, multiple smart boards and 56 smart clickers—absolutely revolutionizing the school’s education program.

There are countless benefits of the new technology. For example, students in science class now see the image of the teacher’s microscope slide via their iPod Touches at their own desk. Students partner with a classmate to use various programs on the iPad that help with reading, math and science. This not only encourages teamwork and interaction between students, but also provides exposure and familiarity with developing technology. The opportunities to enhance the learning experience are endless. With technology increasingly integrated into classrooms, students at Lakeland Christian are getting a taste of the future.

“This has opened a whole new world to the students,” says Wilson. “They already see their parents using the technology and know that’s where the future is headed. Through Boosterthon, we can provide students from kindergarten to 12th grade with cutting edge technology. We’re just so excited, as are the parents and grandparents of the students. They are thrilled to know that their children now have so much more value in their education.”students from Lakeland elementary explorer on an iPad.

In fact, one grandparent of a student was so amazed by the value this technology adds in the classroom, that he made an incredibly generous donation and tripled the amount of iPads and iPod Touches for students! “We really would not have been able to move in this direction without the funds and excitement that Boosterthon has provided us,” said Wilson.

Not only did the school benefit from the incredible amount of technology purchased, but the students also absolutely loved having the Boosterthon team on campus. According to the school, the Boosterthon Fun Run was a “win-win all around!” We are just as excited to partner with Lakeland Christian next school year and can’t wait to see how they improve their school community with their funds raised.

Indeed, students at Lakeland Christian have bright futures ahead of them, just like all the students Boosterthon serves. We are proud and humbled to serve the best schools out there.

We hope these posts have given you new ideas how you can impact your school through funds raised by Boosterthon. We love seeing the growth in the schools, students, teachers and parents, and can’t wait to see what other creative ways schools use their funds in the 2011-2012 school year.

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