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What a difference a year makes! Banks Road Elementary School in Raleigh, NC, like so many schools across the country, felt a strain on its resources ever since the pandemic began more than a year ago. With the start of the new school year, Principal Sarah Simmons remains optimistic that brighter days are ahead.

"Coming back to school after a tumultuous pandemic year, our school family needed to celebrate being back together," said Simmons wearing a blue tutu with her assistant principal, while talking to Booster team members at the school's August Fun Run. "Boosterthon was the perfect way to do so."

As a full-service client, Banks Road receives turn-key fundraising support from the Booster staff, like team leader Merritt Neal, to create an enthusiastic and memorable Boosterthon Fun Run experience. From kicking off the school day by appearing on the morning news, to ending the day dancing through the car line, the Booster team is on campus all day every day creating momentum leading up to the event. They take care of virtually everything, from event management and powerful fundraising software to curated Fun Run prizes, so PTA volunteers and the school's administration are free to focus on other priorities, Neal explained. 

"The school faced a lot of challenges due to the pandemic, particularly being understaffed, which is why it was great for them to have our team on campus as an extra set of hands and to help boost morale!"

And boost they did—not only raising school spirit among students and staff, but with parents too. The Fun Run was the first time many parents were allowed on campus in more than a year to support their children. As a result, the successful event exceeded the school's all-time financial goal even during the pandemic, profiting more than $30,000. 

"Parents were thrilled to attend the Fun Run and we almost doubled our financial goal. Every year, I think my Booster team can't get any better and then I am blown away by their enthusiasm and support," gushed the principal.

The financial impact of the school's Fun Runs over the years can be seen all over Banks Road's campus, from equipment purchased to start a morning news program, improved soccer fields and volleyball nets and more playground upgrades slated this year. It's truly a bright spot for the school with many more shining moments on the horizon. 

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