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For some parents, it can difficult to describe to their kids what they do for work. Trade stocks. Operational efficiency. Business development. But not for me. One thing I do for work is something all kids around the world understand instantly—I create stories.

Once a year, I help develop the storyline and character programming for our Boosterthon program.

I get to be a part of creating imaginary worlds millions of students get to live in for two weeks during the school year. The rest of the Booster Creative team brings that world to life through design, scripting, and video. It’s a really fun thing to watch. Not just because telling stories is fun, but because in the stories lie valuable character lessons that will stick with students.

Over the last few years, we’ve focused on Social Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons that help students better understand, cope with, and verbalize their emotions. With massive school closings, economic uncertainty, and social distancing, there’s an even greater need for students to utilize SEL. 

So once per week from May 7th - May 30, Booster is starting Family Movie Night on the @ChooseBooser Facebook page. Every Thursday at 6:30pm EST, we’ll air one of our famous character themes for families across the country to enjoy at home. We are excited to give families on opportunity to get drawn into a fun story, but also for students to walk away with several SEL lessons that are woven throughout the videos.

We hope you can join us during these Family Movie Nights! I’m excited to show my children more about what I get to do at work, and then have fun conversations afterwards about what we all learned.

Share this event with others so families across the country to learn too!

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About the Author:

Robert Walker is a father of 3, holds a Masters degree in Education, and has been strengthening schools with Booster for 10 years as their Head of Creative. He is active in his community as a member of his neighborhood’s HOA Board and is a future parent volunteer when his oldest hits Kindergarten soon.

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