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A new year brings new resolutions, a chance to start over, adopt a new habit, or continue your success from last year. Some of the best (and most popular) resolutions tend to be dieting, exercise, and spending more time with family.

But if your new year's resolution is to read more or maintain the giving spirit you had over the holidays, you'll especially love what this organization does for people around the world. And if both of those are your resolutions, well, it's your lucky day.


 We were able to sit down with an organization that gives every day of the year, in fact, that’s their business model. They give away one type of gift, and it’s a gift that resonates with everyone—books.

Erin Levin is the community and social media manager at Better World Books, a for-profit company out to do social good. Every time someone buys a book from their website they donate a book to someone in need through non-profit companies, making Better World Books a “book for book” company. Check out the interview we had with Erin and learn how Better World Books is making a huge impact across the world by giving the gift of literacy every day.

bwb1How did Better World Books get started?

It’s a great story. Learn about how we began here.

Why does the company exist?

We exist because there is a need. Over 2 billion pounds of books go to the landfill every year. Millions of people around the world are illiterate. We are helping end the illiteracy and book famine while also keeping books from the landfill!

What type of person works for Better World Books?

Passionate people work here. We all love books, reading and learning. We also love people and our planet and appreciate and believe in our triple-bottom-line.

What are some of the non-profit literacy organizations you partner with?

We partner with over 80 non-profits at home and abroad. A few of our main partners are Invisible Children, Room to Read, the National Center for Family Literacy, Feed the Children, Worldfund, and Books for Africa.

How many books have you donated to people around the word?

We have donated over 5 million books and raised over $10 million dollars for literacy and libraries!

How can readers donate used books to Better World Books?A better world books donations dropbox makes it easy to donate books.

It's so simple to donate your pre-loved books to us. If you live in the Atlanta area or Northern Indiana, you can find a drop box near you. If you are in the US, we will pay for you to send your books to us.  If you know a good place for a drop box, let us know! We also work on campuses across the US on bookdrives.

What types of books do you sell on your website?

We sell everything! With over 8 million competitively titles in stock with free shipping worldwide, you're sure to find what you're looking for. We are also a “book for book” company: for every book you buy, we donate a book to someone in need! Check us out online at www.betterworldbooks.com.

Is there anything else you'd like to say about Better World Books?

It's an amazing company and I cannot wait until all conscious consumers learn about us. Thanks for helping spread the word! Also, for every new "like" and "follow" on Facebook and Twitter, we will give a book to a child in need :)

Next time you buy a book for yourself or someone else, consider using Better World Books and help give the gift of literacy!


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