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The “Best of Booster” blog segment is used to show our readers and fans the most interesting happenings on Boosterthon campuses. While everyday we do see a tremendous amount of excitement and enthusiasm on campus, great artwork, creative team nicknames, and school pride, occasionally we’ll see something that truly stuns us.

Something that makes us say, “Really? Someone actually did that? Amazing!”

Last “Best of Booster” showcased a principal riding a donkey and a giant Boosterthon billboard. This segment highlights a billboard, just a smaller one, and a bit more mobile—one that bobbles down the school hallways, or shines back at students when crafting a math problem on the board.

Mr. Crownover is a 4th grade teacher at Royal Palm Beach Elementary in Florida. For the past two years, as a part of Royal Palm Beach’s silent auction, Mr. Crownover offers to the highest bidder the distinct privilege of shaving his head. Apparently, the honor is highly sought after; this year’s winning bid was $100!

So, with a newly shaved head, Mr. Crownover decided to add some color to it. One of the PTA representatives has a skilled hand and hand-painted the Boosterthon logo on the back of Mr. Crownover’s head, making it the most creative Boosterthon body art since the removable “Boosterthon tattoo” in 2008.


“It’s another way to pump up the kids,” said Mr. Crownover.

It seems that he’s that type of teacher. The one who will do anything to make things fun and engaging for his students. In fact, when we caught up with him, he was at a ball game watching a few of his students play just because they asked him to come. We’re proud to serve Royal Palm Beach Elementary and teachers like Mr. Crownover, who make every school day just a little more “interesting.”

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