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More than anytime of year, students’ hearts are most open during the summer. With fireflies flickering, Popsicle stained tongues, and endless hours at the pool, summertime experiences stick with you, like a good friend, forever.

Think back: Isn’t your own childhood memory brimming with special summer moments that defined who you are in some way?

There’s something distinctly powerful about summer.camp high five poster by Boosterthon

It was a perfect fit for our next character theme, Camp High Five. When Boosterthon chooses a character theme, we only select magical themes students will remember, with super sticky lessons that make an impact. Summer is unforgettable.

But at the same time, our theme couldn’t communicate the run-around-craziness that summer affords, however fun. It should align with what our schools are already promoting.

So we asked: Could we pair summer freedom with structure and learning? Sure we can. Summer camp.


Summer Camp is like _____________ .

In fact, summer camp mirrors school extraordinarily well (minus the spontaneous water balloon fights).

Camp = school

Cabins = classrooms

Campers = students

Counselors = teachers

Camp Directors = principals

Subjects = camp activities

So the feeling is there, the structure is there, but what about the learning? There’s one important thing students learn at both places—friendship.


Friendship Has a Hand Gesture

Camp High Five - Campers Flying out of the end of a waterslide.With new people to meet every year at school and at camp, hopefully students develop wonderful friendships at both places.

But the Camp High Five theme was not going to be just about developing the friendships students already have; it was going to be about viewing EVERYONE as a friend, no matter who they are, or how different they may first appear to be. It’s the best way to promote harmony and encouragement over exclusion and bullying.

And what’s the best gesture to communicate energy, positivity, cooperation, and friendship whether you’re longtime friends or just introduced? A big HIGH FIVE.

There you go. That’s why Boosterthon created Camp High Five, a summer camp theme all about friendship. It may be the school year now, but summer, like a good friend, is sticking around. We hope your family loves Camp High Five.

Dare to see if our Camp High Five music video makes you nostalgic for childhood summers? Check it out.


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