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This blog post was written by Rachel Sharpe, Experience Leader for the Boosterthon Fun Run.

Hi! I’m Rachel Sharpe, but students know me as “Rowdy Rachel” in our schools. During the school year, I serve as an Experience Leader on our South Florida Team, but this summer, I had the extraordinary opportunity to work in Booster’s Home Office in Atlanta, GA.

An excited Rowdy Rachel.I worked closely with Booster’s Creative Team and got a sneak peek of all things Camp High Five, next year’s theme. Ever wonder what goes on in the summer at Boosterthon?

Well, here are some of my highlights from my time in our Home Office:

  1. I got to sing and dance as an extra on one of the Camp High Five music videos!
  2. I watched a sneak peak of our interactive character videos for our brand new Team Huddle model.
  3. I got to be in our newest pep rally fitness video. (I’m holding a giant slingshot!)
  4. I read our new children’s book Camp High Five and the Great Cabin Caper hot off the press.
  5. I got to see more than 30 people focused on creating remarkable experiences for our schools. The quality of this year’s theme is incredible.

This school year will be the best! Our students are going to love the new songs, music videos and on-screen friends they will meet.Rachel helps with the slingshot. I think the parents and teachers are really going to appreciate this year’s friendship focus and anti-bullying component.

Although I have enjoyed working in the Home Office, I cannot wait to be back on campus sharing important lessons about friendship with students and working to serve them as they help their schools! If you thought Highway USA was amazing, pack your bags because you haven't seen anything yet!

The school year is upon us. Enjoy our back-to-school video to see what Camp High Five is all about.

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