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This year, Boosterthon's character theme is Backyard Box Office, a movie theme all about making a difference. Every year, we're amazed at the creativity of our school partners as they decorate their campus to promote their Boosterthon program. Below are some of our favorite Backyard Box Office decorations from around the country. We hope they inspire you to get creative with your own Backyard Box Office decorations.

And don't forget: for more decoration inspiration, check out our Pinterest page here!

A school staircase decorated with backyard box office signs.

A Boosterthon VIP entrance for a backyard box office event.

Bacyard Box Office Decoration 3

Backyard box office decorations with coming soon posters.

Boosterthon backyard box office decorations made to look like a leaderboard.


Backyard Box Office Decoration 6

A decoration like a giant bag of red and white popcorn with white and yellow balloons.

Backyard Box Office Decoration 8

Movie cutouts and giant candy decorations for a Boosterthon backyard box office.

Backyard Box Office Decoration 10

For more decoration inspiration, check out our Pinterest page here!

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