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Everyone grab your tickets and popcorn! Our new character theme is called BACKYARD BOX OFFICE, a movie theme all about making a difference by getting into character. This amazing new theme will take students on a step-by-step journey of how to make a difference in their world. Our production crew traveled the country to bring your students movies about five REAL kids dedicated to making people’s lives better.

Plus, we teamed up with CHARACTER COUNTS!®, the nation's most reputable character ed organization, to create Backyard Box Office, a high-energy character theme backed by 25 years of research-based values. Students experiencing BACKYARD BOX OFFICE will not only learn how to make an impact from five REAL-LIFE kid difference-makers, but also fulfill 20 CHARACTER COUNTS! lessons.

From inventors, to world-class speakers, to business owners, to world-record holders, these five kid difference-makers will inspire your students to practice the five “Character Acts” so they can also make an impact in their community.


Boosterthon Find A Need Movie Poster


Your students will learn how to FIND A NEED with Aidan, two-time TEDx speaker and founder of the nonprofit Aidan Cares.


Boosterthon Write a Plan Movie Poster


Next, they’ll learn how to WRITE A PLAN with Connor, wizard programmer and inventor of an app that increases school spirit and attendance.


Boosterthon Rally A Team Movie Poster


They’ll also learn how to RALLY A TEAM with Alex, founder of Brickshare, a movement that enables kids to share Legos with other less fortunate kids.


Boosterthon Launch It Now Movie Poster


After that, they’ll learn how to LAUNCH IT NOW with Trisha, developer of an anti-cyberbullying app and a Global Finalist in the 2014 Google Science Fair.


Boosterthon Grit It Out Movie Poster


Finally, your students will learn how to GRIT IT OUT with Winter, Guinness world record-holder for being the youngest person to run a marathon on every continent.

Our Creative Team spent months finding and filming inspiring stories from these kid difference-makers all over the country. The result is the most in-depth and practical character program we’ve ever created. We’re giving your students an up-close look at how to make a difference right in their own backyard, told by kids just like them.

Backyard Box Office is hands-down our best character theme ever. Last year, students LOVED learning from real-life kids. That’s why we’re bringing them the stories of five elite kids already doing BIG things in the world. Don’t be surprised if giveback lemonade stands and handmade movie theaters pop up in your families’ yards after your students experience the magic of Backyard Box Office!

Also, just a friendly reminder—our 2016-2017 schedule is filling up quickly! Reach out to your local Boosterthon leader or contact us to experience our all-new program.

So how exactly are your students going to learn about character through Backyard Box Office? Through a fun story about a group of kid filmmakers trying to show a zany but skeptical Hollywood director that kids really can make a difference. 

For more on Backyard Box Office, check out this short but epic trailer.


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