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We’re proud to have Billy Boughey, Boosterthon’s Vice President of Experience, share his thoughts on how and why we create remarkable experiences for hundreds of thousands of students per year.


When I hear that one of our PTA leaders or parents experienced our program and used the word “Disney” to describe it, it makes my Billyweek. Why? Because Disney is the best at making people feel happy, for overwhelming you with service and making you feel special.

And that could change someone for the better.

It’s what Boosterthon works towards—to create remarkable experiences that are worth repeating and to impact students’ lives.

We spend a lot of time taking our program to the heights of being Disney-esque because it has the best chance of leaving a positive mark—whether it’s a student learning what it really means to respect others, or they make the healthy decision to exercise more often.

Here is a snapshot of who we are learning from and how we use experiences in our program.

Who is our inspiration?

Disney: This organization is the gold standard for music, books, movies, live events and ultimate experience creation. We strive to have the creative foresight of Walt Disney when it comes to interacting with children and adults with the Boosterthon program.

Nike: Fitness products that are functional, cool and leading a new wave on style. We strive to create character themes and interactive scripts that stay ahead of the game and set the bar for what is cool in the eyes of the next generation.

Apple: Always innovating, always growing and always being on the cutting edge. Apple never relaxes on the success of the past and chooses to continue to grow and improve no matter what.

Ritz Carlton: Their mission statement is "ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen." This motto exemplifies how we view each Boosterthon team member, and every person we meet. Our aim is to train, honor and celebrate our team so they are fueled to pour out world-class service to schools and parents.

Why do we want to create remarkable experiences?

Kids playing at a fun run, sporting their Boosterthon t-shirts.Simply: To impact students. Our team spends countless hours discovering and creating ways to tell stories that makes learning about character and fitness fun. We want to cause a sense of awe and create moments of wonder by the way we communicate and lead schools through the Boosterthon program.

How do we deliver our experiences?

In three ways: Live presentations, online interaction, and theme materials. These elements all work together to create a complete and remarkable experience.

Through passionate and enthusiastic team members, fun-loving characters in our videos, catchy songs with positive messages, a Boosterthon Fun Run event that feels like a fitness festival, and more, we think students will be moved by the environment and the lessons to take an action or to treat themselves and others differently.

We certainly have a lot to learn and a long way to go, but we are committed to developing, staging and hosting a world-class program. I view us as “experience engineers” who want nothing more than to change the world one enthusiastic and meaningful interaction at a time!

Vice President of Experience

Billy Boughey


Get a taste of the “Camp High Five” experience and enjoy our music video.


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