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A successful fundraiser doesn’t just raise money for your school. It makes good use of an opportunity to have fun, build community, and teach children valuable life lessons along the way.

Top Fundraising Tips to Make More Than Just Money this School Year

Maximize Benefits to Students with these Top Fundraising Tips

  1. Make your fundraiser the highlight of the school year for your students! Gone are the days when school fundraisers were boring. With fun runs, dance-a-thons and celebration events kids will remember the school fundraiser as one of the best moments of the school year!

    With this top fundraising tip, just make sure to include all students whether they’re able to financially afford to participate in the fundraiser or not. The excitement will spread throughout your school and build community!
  2. Take your fundraiser to the next level by giving it a theme that allows you to teach important life lessons such as kindness, confidence, humility, endurance, etc. It’s a great way to add lasting value to your school fundraiser. Just make sure to keep it fresh from year to year so your students will stay engaged.

    At Booster, we offer a brand new, high-quality character theme with a fresh focus each year. Videos and lessons keep it fun and exciting while teaching the students lessons that stick. Schools love the way it transforms their fundraisers, which used to be such an obligation and burden, into a positive experience for students! 
  3. Keep your school community engaged throughout the entire fundraiser by creating one-of-a-kind prizes students can’t get anywhere else. For example, Booster has a dedicated team who curates the perfect combination of prizes each year. If a toy doesn’t exist, they invent it and bring it into reality for students to enjoy as part of their Boosterthon fundraiser! 

    The key to this top fundraising tip is to get creative and unique so the prizes really intrigue your students and help them stay motivated throughout the entire fundraiser.

Gain Admin & Teacher Buy-In with These Top Fundraising Tips 

  1. You may know exactly what your school needs, but if it doesn’t align with your administration's goals for the school year, it can be hard to get them onboard.

    Take time to touch base with your administration and find a project you can both be excited about. It will be worth the effort in the end, and your administration will appreciate having input. 

    If your principal is hard to catch, make a note to meet with them in the slower summer months or perhaps on a teacher workday. Don’t miss our other summer tips to start your PTA/O school year strong. 
  2. There are so many moving parts to keeping a school year running smoothly. Make sure to communicate early and often about your fundraiser so administration and teachers are in-the-know. 

    For the best communication, find out what channels your teachers and administration already use to communicate and meet them where they are. If they prefer email, communicate via email. If a newsletter or internal school program is where they get their information, use that avenue. 

    Also, make sure you take advantage of any invitations to visit with administrators or board meetings, teacher inservices, etc. to give a quick overview of the fundraiser. Let them know what it will look like, the project you are raising money for, and why this year is going to be your best fundraiser ever.

    If you don’t get invited to meetings, ask to join. Just make sure you stress it won’t take much of their time. This is a great way to start building momentum for your fundraiser. 
  3. While the fundraiser is your number one priority at the school, it’s important to remember education is still the main focus of the school year. Make sure to respect classroom time as much as possible.

    Open communication with your teachers will give you a pulse on this. It also offers an opportunity to get feedback about the best time of day to do fundraising activities with students.

    Respecting teacher time will benefit the students, and it will also help solidify your relationships with teachers for smooth sailing the whole year. 

Get More Donations with these Top Fundraising Tips

  1. Keep it simple. The easier you make it for people to donate, the more funds you will receive. Do your research ahead of time and use technology to eliminate any barriers for donors. Then be prepared to offer tech support when issues arise.

    Some platforms like Booster Tech  will do the entire fundraising process for you from pledges to collecting donations and tallying prize winners at the end. It’s simple and user-friendly with a dedicated support line that has a quick response time. 
  2. People want to know how their money is being spent, so make it perfectly clear. Are you giving your playground a makeover? Get sketches of what you hope the new playground will look like.
    If you’re raising money to fund a program at your school, showcase pictures of students smiling and enjoying the program. If it’s a new program or technology, find out as many details as you can and share that information in a way that keeps donors educated and excited about your funding project.

    It’s okay if your plans aren’t set in stone. It’s your goal. Your hope for the fundraiser. So share that hope with potential donors! When someone clicks that donation button, make sure they know exactly what their money will purchase and watch your donations soar.
  3. It’s important that donors know WHAT their money will be used for, but it’s also vital they know WHY this particular project is so important for students. To do this well, don’t be afraid to pull at the heart strings a little. 

    Remind students to talk about the fundraiser at home. Equip them with the words and stories to share around the dinner table about the awesome project your fundraiser will support.

    On social media, share pictures of students holding signs that say why the program or equipment means so much to their education. Capture short videos of students, teachers, and administration explaining how the funding will make a world of difference.

    Get more ideas on how to use social media to easily promote your fundraiser here.
Your fundraising success is about more than just money. It’s ultimately about supporting your students. With these top fundraising tips, you’ll raise funds to help students now AND build character that benefits them for a lifetime. 
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