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Fitness is a choice. And sometimes when you’re faced with either lifting weights from A to B or trudging down the sidewalk, the choice can be difficult to make.

When our team is on campus our message is “fitness is fun,” so we’re sharing 6 ways our team lives out our fitness philosophy, and hopefully it’ll help jumpstart your exercise regimen.

Play hard. The best kind of exercise is the kind that doesn’t feel like exercise. The Charlotte team plays Frisbee golf to stay active.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty. Members of the Boosterthon Atlanta team ran in the Tough Mudder race. Basically, it’s an obstacle course for grown-ups (sponsored by your favorite laundry detergent).

Make it colorful. Find a color run near you and get ready for an explosion of color! (Oh, don’t forget to invite all of your friends. It’s more fun that way.)

Accomplish a goal with someone you love. Collin and his wife, Sarah, trained for their first half marathon together. Dream big and team up with someone you want to cross the finish line with.

Challenge yourself with something new. Stephen and Josiah from the Boosterthon Home Office lead Crossfit classes for many Booster team members. The variety of workouts at high intensities, in an encouraging environment makes Crossfit a Booster favorite.

Fall in love with Nature. For Landrum and Katie, being active means being outside. Whether it is bouldering or repelling, nature has created quite the adventure for us to enjoy!

Okay, now that we have Boosterized your workout routine, get out there and have some FUN!

Did you know our team challenges students to “choose fitness?” Learn the other Choice Challenges during our Highway USA character program.



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