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If you’re looking for tips and tricks for your greatest fundraiser yet, we’ve got you covered. With over a decade of fundraising expertise, completing these 5 world-class tips guarantees you the best opportunity for making the most of your Boosterthon program. Let’s get started!

  1. Set a big yet obtainable fundraising goal.
    • Name exactly what you are raising money for. Specific items or initiatives help sponsors visualize the impact of their giving.Examples of how Boosterthon funds are put to use on playground equipment, technology, and shade structures.
  2. Motivate teachers


    • Gift cards, catered lunch, “duty” free lunch, etc. are great

      incentives for class participation.

  3. Utilize all forms of communication
    • Your school website, emails, phone blasts, and social media are great megaphones.""
  4. Clear your school calendar of other fundraisers or events
    • If too many events are happening at once, parents can’t focus their attention. So, whether it’s spirit week, a class field trip or picture day, streamline your school’s event schedule around one initiative. Hosting too many events is the number one threat to financial success.
  5. Decorate your entire school


    • Make our Big World Recess theme come to life! Find

      decoration ideas on our Pinterest Page,or let your creativity

      shine by creating your own.

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We can’t wait to hear the results of your awesome Boosterthon program!

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