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The fall semester is almost here and we can't wait to begin meeting with your school leaders to kick-start this year's Boosterthon program, Rock'n Town Live! But before we do that, take a look at these suggestions to help your program run more smoothly and efficiently.




1. Bring Everyone. A Boosterthon organizer meets with faculty to discuss Boosterthon fundraising options.

The more, the merrier! At the meeting, we want to meet everyone involved with the Boosterthon at your school.



2. Form a Boosterthon team.

From decorations to communication to water stations, forming one team with different roles helps your program run smoothly.


3. Create your goal.

Decide on your financial goal and identify the main reason why you are raising funds. Start communicating your goal as soon as possible.


4. Plan out your semester calendar.

Scheduling school activities or smaller fundraisers close to your Boosterthon date is the #1 way to hurt your profitability. Rescheduling is key.


5. Remember the past.

What has your school been able to accomplish with the Boosterthon? Remind your parents about past success!

Need help visualizing just how much the Boosterthon can help your campus?  Check out our ten-year journey with Mt. Laurel Elementary in Birmingham, Alabama to see how partnering with the Boosterthon year after year can transform your school.


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