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Because of our hassle-free program, there isn’t too much for parent organizations to do to ensure a fun, successful Boosterthon. But here are 5 easy ways to crank your school’s experience up a notch with some simple tips.

1. Decorate like it’s homecoming. Remember the week of your high school homecoming football game when the halls were coveredBoosterthon Camp High Five Decorations with themed butcher paper, props, and banners? The hallways buzzed with excitement. Capture that feeling with just a few volunteers and some creativity. Here are tons of ideas from other Boosterthon schools to get you started.

2. #Boosterthon. Since you’re taking pictures and posting on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page anyway, share the fun and be sure to #Boosterthon. From the pep rally, to character presentations, to the grand event itself, hashtagging your pictures documents your school’s experience for parents to enjoy.

3. Send a Cabin Caper e-mail. Two days after your pep rally, every teacher receives a free Boosterthon children’s book that enhances the Camp High Five character theme. This fun adventure story challenges students to play encouraging tricks (random acts of kindness) on others. Send out this link to your teachers that afternoon to help spark a surge of friendship in your school.

(They could also win an iPad Mini!) It’s also a great post-program activity during collections to keep the Boosterthon fun going.

PB&J pose for a couples costume.4. Zany Principal Challenge. For your students, there’s nothing as fun as seeing your principal do something silly. Whether it’s wearing a goofy costume, getting slimed at the Fun Run, or taking a lap around the Boosterthon Speedway on a motorcycle, students love it when their principal is involved. Set up a challenge to get pledges from all 50 states or hitting your financial goal. If your school makes it, they get to see another side of your principal’s fun personality.


5. Announce your High Five Meal Drive stats at the Fun Run. Immediately after each Fun Run, jump on the microphone (or let your principal take the lead) and announce to the crowd the number of meals your students helped donate to Americans in need. It’s a powerful way to celebrate the generosity of your families.  You can get your stats from your Boosterthon team leader.

Learn about our GiveBack program.

These 5 tips will help make your Boosterthon Fun extra special this year. It’s all about the experience, and we hope yours is world-class.

Speaking of experience, read one mom’s thoughts after participating in the Boosterthon for the first time.

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