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With spring upon us, summer is just a few short months away. But the school testing season in the spring can be an unfortunate bump in the road when students are hoping to coast into the summer. As Boosterthon students gear up for end-of-year-tests, we chatted with Amanda Harris, the school counselor at Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, VA, about how to best prepare students for standardized tests.

With a Psychology degree and a Masters degree in Education School Counseling, Ms. Harris suggests five easy ways to keep butterflies at bay during standardized tests.

Ms. Harris smiles for the camera.1. Openly communicate about the test. The fear of the unknown increases anxiety. Talk about the upcoming test with your child. It is important that they know that doing their best is all that matters.

2. Get a good night’s sleep. The most important way to prepare your mind is with plenty of rest. Studies show you are able to remember more when you’re well rested. Aim for at least eight hours of sleep the night before the test. You can’t study for standardized tests, so an early bedtime is one of the best ways to set your student up for success.


3. Eat a healthy breakfast. Nobody wants a rumbling tummy during the test. Eating nutritious foods in the morning will help wake up your student so they can perform their best. Stay away from sugary foods, and fuel up with vitamin-packed fruits and whole-grain breads. Check out 9 foods that can improve memory. 


4. Get to school early. Nothing increases anxiety like running late. Making sure your student is early will eliminate any additional nerves. Prepare to leave earlier on testing days so your student doesn’t feel rushed. Just think: If you’re early, you’re on time!


5. Take deep breaths before the test. Right before the test begins, have Scantron test with pencil and eraser.students breathe in through their noses and out through their mouths. This simple exercise oxygenates the brain and helps slow their heart rate. Tests don’t have to be scary. Just remind your student to take a deep breath and relax. They’re going to do great.

Take the fear out of testing by using these 5 simple ways to keep your child calm, and confident on the morning of the test. A big thanks to Ms. Harris and LCA for helping parents and students prepare for the end-of-year tests coming up in the next few weeks.

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