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It is no secret that students love the Boosterthon team. (Just read a few Raving Fan Reviews) We love bringing enthusiasm to school campuses across the country! But, we also realize the responsibility we have to set an example of integrity and leadership.

The Boosterthon team poses for a fun group picture.Just as parents watch children emulate their actions, our team knows what we say and do will also be noticed and repeated.

Our Founder and President, Chris Carneal, talks frequently about adding behaviors to our everyday routines that will positively impact not only our lives but the lives of others. He knows that our team members must focus on enduring leadership principles in order to lead by example in our schools.

We discovered that some of these principles are also applicable to our students. So, here are 5 leadership principles we want to share with our Boosterthon students:

  • Leaders Read: Everyone should develop a pattern of reading. There are endless resources available. However, the leaders in the room are the ones who are hungry for knowledge and want to know more about the world in which we live.
  • Consistently Express Appreciation: One of the simplest ways to honor others is through gratitude. Here at Booster, we love sending hand written notes. (Have you ever had a red envelope in your mailbox?) We think Boosterthon students who take the time to say “thanks,” will set a fantastic example for their friends and families.
  • Assume the Best: This one might be the most difficult. It is easy to jump to conclusions, but what if students believed the best? If we start believing the best about our friends, family, teachers, and classmates, that has the power to change our attitudes. 
  • Preparation Precedes Victory: This is a great one for our older students! If you want to ace your math test, you should study, and if you want to run 35 laps in the Boosterthon Fun Run, maybe you should jog in the neighborhood to train. It sounds easy, but it takes hard work to be successful.
  • Run Toward Conflict: Conflict happens in every stage of life. At Booster, we have seen that the best way to navigate conflict is to run towards it. If students can learn how to handle conflict early in life by not shying away, this builds confidence in maintaining their relationships.

So, will you help your students live out these principles?

1.) Challenge your students to practice these

2.) Practice these yourself. One of the most profound ways to teach is through leading by example.

We think focusing on these simple leadership behaviors will mold the type of leaders the next generation needs.




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