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Yep, this is yet another blog post on New Year’s resolutions. But this one’s different—all you have to do is show up and engage during the Boosterthon program. We’ve done the work for you (mostly).

I’ve also got a doozey of a resolution for you at the end that won’t be on most lists.

#1 Dance MoreBoosterthon PTA members dressed for a Dance party.

Attend the Boosterthon Pep Rally or the Fun Run event and even the folks with two left feet start tapping their shoes. Everyone has permission to let loose and have fun. You can be as silly as you’d like or sway back and forth. Just enjoy yourself. Plus dancing is exercise! (See resolution #2 for how to find a new running buddy.)

Don’t know how to dance? You’ll need a seasoned dance instructor.

#2 Run More

Just showing up to the Boosterthon Fun Run event may give your family that extra boost to be active. There’s something contagious in the air that turns parents from cheerleaders into runners. And after the run, when your kindergartener completes 32 laps and you realize they’ve run 2 miles, suddenly your neighborhood jog doesn’t feel as daunting, and you’ve just found a new (miniature) running buddy.

#3 Read More

During our program our team members highlight Thomas Edison as one of our Highway Heroes. Edison had great success partly because he was an avid learner throughout his life. We encourage our students to be lifelong learners too, starting their journey in the library. We even donate a copy of our own Boosterthon books (*cough* shameless plug) to each class, and leave a few copies in the library as well. Our students love them.

So if your student comes home with the Boosterthon book, or any book, take the time to read it with them. And bingo, FunRun.com "I choose a good attitude" sticker.you and your student just read more.

#4 Go Deep More

Every day of our program our students come home with a sticker championing one of our character lessons. That sticker is designed to spark character conversations at home. So when your student climbs into the car sporting an orange sticker, we hope that’s a conversation starter about “choosing a good attitude” for the ride home. Or it’s an opportunity to see your student impersonating Amelia Earhart, as they slip on invisible goggles and pretend your Honda Odyssey is leaving the runway.

Either one. Both are fun.

(Unofficial #5) Floss More

It’s not part of our program, so you’re on your own for this one. It’s a tricky but healthy habit that helps you avoid gingivitis, dentures in your 60s, and “the eye” twice per year from your dentist.

What you’ll find about flossing is this: Your mouth is cleaner so you go deep with more people. They ask you to go dancing, and you read the books they give you for your birthday. You eventually form a running club, which was, after all, your new year’s resolution.

See what I did there?

To recap: love your children well and floss!

We hope you enjoy the Boosterthon Fun Run program at your school and the rest of 2013!


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