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Boosterthon's mission to Change the World begins with the students we serve at great schools across the nation. This year, our team has the opportunity to impact 430,000 students through our fitness, leadership and character program. It's our goal to help students focus on the possibilities that lie ahead and challenge them to become leaders of their generation.

We love seeing how each student is uniquely gifted and how each has a different vision for his or her life. The Boosterthon team works hard to ensure that students receive encouragement and belief in their personal dreams and goals to "change the world."

So, what impact will our students have on us? What will they do with their lives?  What epic futures do they have planned? To get a better idea, we asked students at Grace Episcopal Day School and Mandarin Oaks Elementary in Jacksonville, FL one simple but age-old question that would clear up everything: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Check out these answers:


Mother and sonLilly, Kindergarten

A vet because I love animals and I love my dog Scraper and I was really sad ‘cause my hamster died when it was only 4, or was it 3? But he died. And I have a lot of bandages and I like to bandage. I like playing doctor a lot and I love my little pony!

Nicholas, 1st grade – 6 3⁄4 years old

A rock star because I've been practicing guitar, and dad was in some bands, and I thought to myself it would be a good way to experience life.


3rd Grader

A soldier for the USA so I can fight for freedom. It would be fun because you could fly helicopters.

Kayla, 5th grade

I would like to be an anesthesiologist when I grow up because I want to help people. The most fun would be watching people when they are going to sleep.


Collin, 7th grade

I would like to be a cartoonist when I grow up because I like to invent my own cartoon characters and stories. The most fun part of the job would be seeing the people laugh when they read my cartoons.


After hearing each child’s dream for his or her life, we realize that our fitness, leadership and character program is not only impacting students currently, but will also encourage them to change the world as they grow up. We can’t wait to see Nicholas on the big stage and Kayla on the cover of a medical journal.

Does your student have a unique goal for their future? We’d love to hear how their interests and hobbies today are preparing them for their EPIC futures! Let us know on our Facebook page. Just remember, you can be anything you want to be!

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