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Thanksgiving is practically here and the winter holidays are upon us! It really is the most wonderful time of the year. But while the spirit of these holidays can leave us with a warm and fuzzy feeling, we often don’t leave the warm and fuzzy house to fully experience what these holidays are truly about—family, thankfulness, and generosity.

Give your family an experience to share, and model how putting others first will make a lasting impact.

A volunteer student donates a bagful of gifts during a give back event.1. Like a good neighbor.

Your neighborhood is chock full of small favors that can go a long way. Make a small goody bag and drop it on a neighbor’s step. Write a note encouraging them to do the same to another neighbor. As your neighbors “pay it forward,” doorsteps around the neighborhood will fill with holiday cheer. Make sure to pick out the goodies and drop off the bags as a family, letting your kids take an active role.

30 ways to be a good neighbor during the holidays.

2. Adopt a family.

Many families need a hand up during the holidays, and if your family can help, adopting another family can be the greatest gift you can give this holiday season. Organizations like the Salvation Army and Families First, connect you with families that are in need. Some need very specific items, and some need food and clothing. So before you sit down to your own feast, help make a feast for another family.

3. It’s better to give than receive.

While dropping money into a pail does help someone, it’s best to introduce children to charitable giving by making it concrete and allowing them to own their gift more.

First, let them choose a cause. If they love sports, they may want to donate a kickball set or some basketballs to the local Boys and Girls Club. If they love animals, they could make a donation to the zoo, so the elephants can have more food.

Second, help them deliver their gift. If you’re bringing cans to a food drive, see if your kids can put their cans on the shelves. From start to finish, ensure that your children are part of the entire process.

How the holidays shape children’s identities.

There are so many ways to give back (and teach your children) this holiday season, and so many families have already done so.

Here’s a big “thank you” to Boosterthon families that are helping us give back this holiday season through “Pass It Forward,” this year’s giveback initiative. Our first wave of deliveries will be during the winter break. You are bringing joy to a child in your city!


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