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On March 29, we celebrated our 10,000th school program at Northwood Elementary in Roswell, Ga. (To watch a LIVE video of the #Boosterthon10000 event, check out the video below!)

As you may or may not know, Boosterthon provides an integrated fitness, leadership and character platform that raises money for schools while encouraging students to live healthy, character-filled lives.

#Boosterthon10000: 10,000 Fundraisers Completed 

Over the course of 10,000 fundraising programs, our school partners have been able to purchase many resources to improve education. These items include:

  • Over 50,000 laptops
  • Over 30,000 iPads
  • Over 948 playground enhancements
  • Over 1,800 SMART boards
  • Over 200 S.T.E.A.M. labs and programs
  • And much more!

The full list of purchased resources can be found at Boosterthon.com/10000. Or, just search for the hashtag #Boosterthon10000 on social media!

A group of children take the turn of a Boosterthon Fun Run.

#Boosterthon10000: $200 Million Raised for Schools

The celebration also marked a total of $200 million raised through Boosterthon for schools across America.

“When schools get stronger, everyone wins,” said Boosterthon founder and CEO Chris Carneal. “Boosterthon was created to help schools profit more money while helping students build character through leadership and fitness. 10,000 programs and $200,000,000 means that local schools are getting the funding they need to give their students the best educational experience possible.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, Carneal said Boosterthon was even more excited to celebrate the milestones at home with a model school like Northwood Elementary. Students, parents, teachers, and staff helped raise more than $30,000 this year to help fund school programs and supplies. In total, Northwood has profited over $300,000 with Boosterthon over the course of its eleven-year partnership.


“We will serve 100 schools in metro Atlanta just this school year,” said Carneal. “I love seeing the joy on the kids’ faces.”

Carneal also said Boosterthon is on pace to lead another 10,000 school programs and raise another $210 million for American schools over the next three years.

To learn more about bringing the Boosterthon to your community, visit boosterthon.com/get-started.

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