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Over the past year, we've published a TON of great content. It's been an incredible school year, and we're excited to continue to produce relevant, helpful content just for YOU!

Here's a list of our 10 most popular posts from the past two semesters:

Boosterthon Backyard Box Office

1. Introducing the new 2016-2017 Boosterthon character theme…BACKYARD BOX OFFICE!

To no one's surprise, this post covering Backyard Box Office was the most popular of the year. We could not be more proud of this character program and the impact it's had on 1.3 million students around the country.

P.S. Don't forget to check out Castle Quest, our new character program for the 2017-2018 school year. It's going to be our best theme yet!

Boosterthon Giveback Initiative: A Million Students Strong

2. Boosterthon’s 2016-2017 Giveback Program: A Million Students Strong

Every year, we partner with a different organization to give back to our communities. In 2016-2017 we were proud to partner with Feeding America through a program we called A Million Students Strong. This giveback program enabled over one million Boosterthon students to help those in need right in their own backyard. All in all, we donated over 160,000 meals! Click here to see highlights from our Million Students Strong Giveback Day!

P.S. Don't forget to check out next year's giveback program in partnership with DonorsChoose.org: Project Classroom.

3. What this group of 5th-graders did to help their classmate with cancer will give you chills

One of the most heart-warming stories from the past year came from Concord, NC. It's the story of how a group of 5th-grade students at Pitts Road Elementary used the principles they learned in Backyard Box Office to hep their classmate battling with cancer. Make sure to have tissues within arm's reach when you read this post.

Video Soldier Surprising Daughter at a Fun Run

4. This Video of a Soldier Surprising His Daughter at a Fun Run Will Melt Your Heart

Few things are more tear-jerking than videos of soldiers coming home and surprising their families. Which is why this video of a soldier surprising his daughter at a Fun Run will actually melt your heart. Might want to keep those tissues close by for this one, too.

A parent cheers on with Boosterthon cheering sticks!

5. 7 Things I Wish I Knew as The New PTA President

Even if you’re NOT the president of your parent organization, these 7 tips from a PTA expert are tremendously practical and helpful. It's a great read for anyone gearing up for another year of service on a parent organization!

A group of mothers show off their Boosterthon school spirit cheering sticks.

6. Volunteer Coordinating 101: 5 Ways to Recruit More PTA Volunteers and Keep Them Coming Back

One of the most common issues facing parent organizations is finding and keeping good volunteers. Which explains why these two posts covering volunteer coordinating were so popular.

“We’ve all said it, and we’ve all heard it: ‘I just don’t have time.’ As a volunteer coordinator, you’ve no doubt heard that one before. Sometimes, however, the real reason people don’t get involved is simply because they don’t know where or how to get started.”

7. PTA Leaders, Are You Making These 5 Volunteer Coordinating Mistakes?

“Volunteers hate it when they don’t know what’s going on or what they should do. They want to help, not stand around while you try and figure it all out. Designate volunteers to handle specific duties and let them know ahead of time.”

8. 5 Proven, Hassle-Free Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

If you’ve ever served on a volunteer parent group, you’re always on the lookout for elementary school fundraising ideas that line up with your school’s priorities. In this post we discuss five proven, must-try school fundraising programs.

Backyard Box Office Decoration Inspiration Ideas9. The 10 Best Backyard Box Office Decoration Ideas

Every year, we’re amazed at the creativity of our school partners as they decorate their campus to promote their Boosterthon program. In this post we featured some of our favorite Backyard Box Office decorations from around the country. We hope they inspire you to get creative with your own Castle Quest decorations next year!

A Virtual Fun Run: How a Boosterthon Student Raised $2,500 to Fight Childhood Cancer

10. How a Boosterthon Student Raised $2,500 to Fight Childhood Cancer

Over the past year, our team has had a blast teaching students how to make a difference in their communities through our latest character theme, Backyard Box Office. And we’ve been blown away by students who’ve put our character lessons into action.

But one student in particular stands out from the rest. His name is T.J. Dahlem. Inspired by Boosterthon, T.J. hosted a virtual Fun Run to raise money for children battling cancer. Check out this post to learn more about T.J.'s inspiring story.

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