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"I have been involved in fundraising at our school for seven years. The experience I had with the Boosterthon Fun Run for the first time last year was thoroughly rewarding. It was easy, educational, FUN, and successful! The energy and enthusiasm was contagious throughout the entire school. When asked for reviews, I don't know who loved it more―our parents, students, or teachers! It was very little work for the parents assisting with the fundraiser. The students were taught valuable lessons each day and had a GREAT time at the actual Fun Run. The daily character lessons the Boosterthon Fun Run team gave inspired us all. Thank you to our wonderful Boosterthon Fun Run team!"

Joyce Vasha, PTA Member

Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School
Oak Mountain, AL

Welcome to Boosterthon fun run!

The Boosterthon Fun Run is the preferred fundraising choice for America’s top schools! But the Boosterthon is more than an elementary school fundraiser. It’s more than a walk-a-thon. The Boosterthon Fun Run is fundraising and so much more!

With the Boosterthon Fun Run, the student is the star! Imagine a program that wraps Fitness, Leadership, and Character together in an unforgettable experience tailored for your school’s campus. Your students learn that fitness is fun as they prepare for the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run. Character lessons come to life …

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Creatively teach daily character lesson to students


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