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Do our Big World Recess Countries Have a “Fourth of July?”

Independence Day is almost here! Cookouts, family gatherings and fireworks are right around the corner as we gear up to celebrate the Fourth of July! Every year, we remember the sacrifice and struggle of our Founding Fathers who believed in freedom for our nation, and we celebrate with thankfulness and appreciation.


And with just one month closer to kicking off our new Big World Recess theme to 1,625 Boosterthon schools, we thought, Do other countries have an independence day like we do? It turns out they do. Here’s how our Big World Recess countries celebrate their big day.

Australia Day

Australia Day, January 26, is known as the country’s biggest day of celebration. This day marks its independence from the British and the landing of the First Fleet in 1788. There is no shortage of parades and fireworks as Australians unite as a nation to celebrate their country and recommit to making it a beautiful place to live.Flag_of_Australia_(converted).svg

Jamhuri Day

Jamhuri, the Swahili word for “republic,” is celebrated on December 12, when Kenyans gather together for feasts, parades, political speeches and dancing. The holiday marks two celebratory occasions: the day Kenya gained freedom from the British colonial era in 1963, as well as the day it became a republic one year later in 1964.2000px-Flag_of_Kenya.svg


Swiss National Day

Although only an official holiday since 1994, Switzerland has celebrated August 1st as the founding of the Swiss Confederacy since 1889. The Swiss celebrate with firework displays as well as a beautiful water illumination show at Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.switzerland_flag_printables_av2

Kenkoku Kinen no Hi

On February 11, Kenkoku Kinen no Hi, meaning “National Foundation Day,” is observed as Japan’s foundation and the accession of its first Emperor, Emperor Jimmu. Schools and offices are closed for this holiday, but no parades or ceremonies take place. Some people will wave the Japanese flag in honor of the day, but many remain indoors and to themselves as a form of quiet observance. Flag-of-Japan


Sete de Setembro

On September 7th, Brazil celebrates its independence from Portugal in 1822. Brazilians have family outings and picnics during the morning and enjoy parades, air shows, fireworks and musical concerts in the evening.1280px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg

It’s fun to know how other countries honor their nation, but there’s just something so special about how and why we celebrate our own independence as the land of the free and the home of the brave. We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and appreciative Fourth of July with your family.

By the way, did you know this about our Founding Father, George Washington? 

5 International Kids Games You Can Play Tonight

With our new character theme Big World Recess kicking off soon, we thought we’d teach you a few games from the countries your student will learn about next school year. Plus, it’ll add a little global flavor to this great American summer.

In every game, the more the merrier. Let the games begin!

IMG_0485Australia: What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?

Choose one player to be “the wolf.” They stand with their back turned to the rest of the group, who are standing a good distance away. The group asks, “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” and the wolf yells out a time. The players then take the number of steps that match the time. (3 o’clock = 3 steps). All players repeat the questions and answers, moving closer and closer to the wolf. When the wolf feels the players are close enough, he answers “dinner time,” then turns around to tag one of the other players. The player who is caught becomes the next round’s wolf.


Kenya : Fix The Reserve

Start by separating the children into two equal groups. Spread the groups apart so they cannot hear the other group talk. Have a parent or friend assign different types of animals to each person in Group 1 (ex. Zebra, Giraffe, etc.), Then assign those same animals to each person in Group 2. Bring the teams together and challenge them to find their animal match by acting out what they are. The pair that finds each other first are the winners!


Switzerland: Don’t Look Back, The Fox Walks Around

Duck-Duck-OH-CHRIST-WERE-DEAD-e1373311888238Like “Duck, Duck, Goose,” all players sit in a circle except one “fox.” As the fox circles the group, a player is tagged when the fox drops a small piece of fabric behind them. That player then tries to catch the fox before he makes it around the circle and into the empty seat. If the fox is caught, he is the fox for another round. If he makes it to the empty seat, he is safe and the tagged player is the new fox. Here’s the catch – if the player doesn’t realize they’ve been tagged and the fox completes the circle without being chased, that tagged player is the “lazy egg” and must sit in the middle of the circle until there’s another lazy egg.


Brazil: Luta de Galo

Luta de galo is Portuguese for “fight of the roosters.” Break into pairs of two and tuck a handkerchief into each player’s belt or waistband. Assume the rooster pose by crossing the right arm across the chest and hold up the left leg. Players must hop on one leg and use their free arm to snatch their opponent’s handkerchief. The first to get the handkerchief wins, but don’t put your leg on the ground or unfold your right arm or you’ll be disqualified!


Japan: Hanaichimonmered-rover

Players divide into two teams and make a line holding hands with their teammates. Standing face-to-face with their opponents, each team picks one member of the opposing team to be the challenger. The chosen two meet in the middle for a game of “jan-ken-pon” (what we know as rock, paper, scissors.) The loser leaves his team and joins the other team, and the entire process is repeated until all of the players are in one group.


No matter what country you call home, children everywhere love to use their imaginations and play with friends. Make lasting memories this summer while learning about our great big world!

BWR - FINAL LOGO - square - web

Learn more about Big World Recess and the fun coming to your school HERE!

We Are Just So Impressed With This 7-Year-Old’s Attitude

It’s Fun Run day in Granbury, TX, and Epic Emily is on the mic: “Nettie Baccus Elementary. Who’s ready for the Boosterthon Fun Run?!” The students yell and cheer and wait for their class band name to be called. Then everyone enthusiastically runs through the tunnel and onto the Speedway.

To 7-year-old, Kaci Reed, this was her favorite moment of the entire Boosterthon experience. It was finally here—Fun Run Day. A chance to reach her goals, a chance to do something BIG! image1

As a toddler, Kaci began experiencing physical disabilities that kept her from walking easily, and now, she uses a walker to assist her mobility. But that didn’t stop her from getting the full Boosterthon experience like every other student.

From the first day the Boosterthon team stepped onto campus, her excitement grew. Her mom said that’s all she wanted to talk about when she got home each day.

With every character lesson taught and music video played, Kaci got more and more excited for the big finale – the Fun Run. She knew she would be running differently than her classmates, but didn’t let that affect her. She was excited for the challenge. Yep, she chose to view difficulty as something to be tackled and even enjoyed. (What a girl!)

We were blown away, but Kaci’s mom said it was no surprise that her daughter’s attitude stayed positive. “She has never let anything get her down and she tries her best in everything she does. This was just another opportunity for her to put her mind to something and accomplish it.” And boy did she ever.

One step at a time, Kaci rounded the Speedway and each completed lap was another goal met. Boosterthon team member, Epic Emily, remembers looking into the crowd of students and seeing Kaci walking with determination and a smile. “She never stopped moving or smiling – all with so much tenacity.” When the Fun Run was over, Kaci had completed an impressive 32 laps! But more than her laps, we love how much Kaci took a unique challenge and matched it with grit and a beaming smile. If she keeps it up, she’ll be unstoppable.

Kaci, we are so proud of you! Keep reaching for your goals and don’t forget to always keep smiling!

There is never a shortage of amazing Boosterthon students, and we love being able to share their stories and celebrate their strengths! These students remind us to face our challenges with courage and be proud of the goals we reach. Check out more inspiring stories of amazing Boosterthon students:

Silas: Boosterthon student runs in homemade Fun Run

Lawson Tucker dances like no one’s watching

Christopher: Is Boosterthon all-inclusive?

Officially Announcing the 2015-16 Character Theme: BIG WORLD RECESS!


It’s a great BIG world out there! That’s why we’re taking students around the world with the 2015-16 character theme BIG WORLD RECESS! It’s a global fitness theme all about building character through sports. Students will travel our big world learning how to play with more character from kids in other cultures.

Our kid-friendly documentary-style videos will introduce your students to REAL kid-athletes who have REAL character. We’re bringing inspiring stories from around the world to your school. Your student will touchdown in NEW YORK CITY, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND, and AFRICA learning our six Character Plays.


Our Creative Team spent 6 months finding and filming inspiring stories from kid-athletes in every corner of the globe. The result is the most in-depth character program we’ve every created. We’re giving your students an up close look at what it’s like to grow up in another culture and live out character through sports, told by kids just like them.

Our 2015-2016 schedule is 83% full and filling quickly! Reach out to your local Boosterthon leader or CONTACT US to experience our all-new program.

Pack your sports gear and don’t forget your passport.

It’s a big world out there with BIG WORLD RECESS!

Travel the world in under 1-minute. Watch the Big World Recess highlight video.

The Great Shoe Takeoff! Boosterthon’s 2015-16 Giveback Program

The Great Shoe Takeoff

Every year, we host a giveback initiative and invite our schools to help change the world by thinking of others. The 2015-16 giveback is The Great Shoe Takeoff! Boosterthon classrooms will help us send shoes from America to people across the world who need shoes.




There are people all around the world who don’t have shoes. But here in America we have TONS of shoes, especially ones we’ve outgrown. Instead of throwing our gently-worn shoes away, what if we gave them to someone in need? Shoes mean comfort, but in other countries, shoes can also mean education and jobs. Many people simply don’t have the right shoes to open the right doors.


The challenge is the cost of shipping thousands of those shoes to new owners far away—it isn’t cheap. That’s where The Great Shoe Takeoff steps in.


For every $30 per lap a class reaches during the Fun Run program, we’re teaming up with non-profit delivery partners who will fly a pair of shoes to meet a new owner in another country, and Boosterthon will pay for their one-way trip.

Our goal is to send 60,000 pairs shoes overseas to make 60,000 people a little happier.


We’re Throwing a Giant Party For YOU (on Facebook) from May 26-28

Congratulations! Another successful school year is complete, and a “thank you” celebration is in order. We’re so grateful to have served you this year.

And what better way to say thank you than with a giant party we like to call BoosterFest–our 5th annual online festival of games, contests, prizes AND sneak peeks of next year’s theme!


Join us from May 26-28 on our Facebook page for a whole lot of festival fun!

To say THANK YOU, you’ll experience:

–   Fun contests with gift card giveaways
–   Encouraging stories from the year
–   Behind-the-scenes photos
–   The release of next year’s giveback initiative
–   And … The BIG REVEAL of our 2015-16 character theme!

It’s going to be an awesome 3 days of celebration, so make sure you give our page a “like” to get updates, enter contests, view sneak peeks, and countdown to the BIG REVEAL of next year’s theme.

It all starts on Tuesday morning. See you all at BoosterFest!

Tortoise Breaks Fun Run Lap Record at Arizona Boosterthon

It’s a beautiful morning in Scottsdale, AZ, and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic School kicks off its Boosterthon Fun Run. With game faces on, students are ready to run laps and help their school.

But among the crowd of runners, there is one “student” who stands out from the rest. He’s 3 ½ years old, short, and loves books, because he basically lives in the school library.

TURBO PLAY HARDWe’d like to introduce you to Boosterthon’s slowest-moving, but most determined runner ever – “Turbo Tortilla,” an African Spur Thighed Tortoise.

Let’s meet this unassuming athlete. Ms. Jennifer Marshall, a library aide at OLPH, is Turbo’s primary caregiver and says students love him. In the past, students have been rewarded with “Turbo Time” outside and love reading on the grass while he wanders around grazing.

Because this little guy is such a huge part of the school community, Ms. Marshall came up with the idea to include Turbo in the Fun Run. All that was needed was a track, pledges, and one very determined tortoise – and OLPH had all three.

Ms. Marshall made Turbo his own Speedway out of black, red and blue presentation boards. The infield was decorated with the Boosterthon logo and motivational phrases like, “Go Turbo” and “Help Our School.”

Are you ready for this? Turbo raised $754 for his school and had 51 sponsors, including the principal, pastor, teachers, students, friends, and other employees of this parish community. It would have been difficult for some of these sponsors to pick just one OLPH student to sponsor, so Turbo provided a great way for them to support a “runner.”

Ms. Marshall says, “I’m not surprised that Turbo received as much support as he did – he really is the perfect athlete for this type of event because he loves to be outside in the Arizona sun and his humble and quiet demeanor has won the hearts of many in our community.”

Every runner needs a little motivation, so Ms. Marshall used lettuce on a string to guide Turbo around the track – and a few stops for eating helped reward him for his effort. This year, he ran an amazing 20 laps, beating his record of 11 laps last year. Apparently, his motto was “Slow and steady may be good for some, but I just like to run, run, run!” Last year Turbo raised about $500, but this year, he dusted his old record.

Keep training, Turbo. We’ll see you again next year!

Check out this “quick” video of Turbo in the heat of the race at the Boosterthon Fun Run.

Who’s the 2014-15 Most Influential Boosterthon Teacher? Facebook Speaks.

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day!

For the past 35 years, America has declared a day to recognize some of the most influential people in our lives – teachers! So, we wanted to spread the love today and do something special.

On our Facebook page, we asked parents and educators to nominate teachers who have made a difference in their lives this school year. The task was simple—rave about your favorite teacher. People from all across the country responded with local teachers who are teaching and loving the next generation beyond the call of duty. They posted pictures, called out their strengths, and shared stories. There are too many to name on the blog (a great thing!), but we’d like to celebrate a handful of them below.

(You can read the full list here) Let the inspiration begin!



Ms. Kelli Edge Beaty – 2nd grade, Great Bridge Primary in Chesapeake, VA 

“She puts her students first no matter what! She is known for her soft-spoken, kind-hearted personality that brings out the best in all children. She believes in her students and helps them believe in themselves.” – Carrie Suzanne

M. Webb


Ms. Melissa Webb Walton – 1st grade, Northport Elementary School in Northport, AL

“She is the most exuberant teacher, filled with passion for her 1st grade students. She equips them to be fantastic students and teaches them to believe in themselves.” – Jenny Dansby


Stacey FreemanMs. Stacy Freeman – 2nd grade, McNeal Elementary in Bradenton, FL

“She teaches ‘amplify others’ by being a positive influence and setting a great example. She ‘plugs in to serve’ by going above and beyond in the classroom with special projects for her students and for the school. She ‘plays hard’ because she’s always on the go with her three teenagers in competitive soccer. ‘Thanking her crowd’ comes second nature and it rubs off on her students! Mrs. Freeman is a treasure to our school and community!” – Monica Thomas


Mr. Eric Tyree – 4th grade, Chocachatti Elementary in Brooksville, FL.

“He spends hours working on fun ways for children to learn. He planned a grade wide egg hunt with math problems inside. Every time I walk into his classroom the kids are having fun learning. They are either racing to the board to answer the question first or working in groups – leaning is always fun!” – Sara Lee Chase

Amber kohl

Mrs. Amber Kohl – 1st grade, Lookout Mountain School in Phoenix, AZ.

“She is patient when necessary, tough when needed, and most importantly cares so much about each and every student! She makes sure all students are prepared and ready for the next school year – not only in education but emotionally ready for what life may throw at them.” – Tiffany Odle


Mrs. DMs. Tara Desrosier – Kindergarten, Blankner School K-8 in Orlando, FL.

“She is an inspirational leader and teacher and has touched our family’s life. She has several special needs students in her class and she takes them under her wing. Before our daughter was in her class she didn’t talk and was delayed. Ms. Desrosier was able to break through and now my daughter is learning how to read. She is the greatest teacher ever!” – Michael and Kay O’Hara

Thank you to every teacher for the countless hours of hard work and sincere care for the students in your classroom. You are changing the world by educating a generation. THANK YOU!

A special congratulations to Ms. Tara Desrosier for being the Boosterthon Teacher Appreciation Day Winner!

Whether it’s on our Facebook page or somewhere else, give a teacher a shout out today. It’s the perfect day!


Is Our Music Video Talking Directly to YOU? It Did To This Boosterthon Teacher

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.19.40 AMEver listen to the radio and hear a song that just seems to speak to you? The message was exactly what you needed to hear and the rhythm gave you a well deserved pick-me-up. Well, for Jami Carter, a Boosterthon teacher at Meadow Glen Elementary in Lexington, SC, a song did more than just speak to her as an educator—it also said her name.

Imagine Mrs. Carter’s surprise when on the second day of Boosterthon Team Huddles, her 4th graders gather to watch the “Plug In To Serve” character music video and hear these first lyrics:

It all started with my teacher Mrs. Carter. One day she said, ‘Alone’s always harder. If we serve other people and we work as a team, well, it’s just a whole lot smarter.’

As the video unfolds, the students discover that not only does the teacher in the music video share Mrs. Carter’s name, but also her desire for her students to develop a love for serving others.

So, I spoke to her to learn if anything has changed in her students’ behavior or attitude since.

Q: How did your class react to you having the same name as the teacher in the music video?

A: “My class was excited to hear ‘Mrs. Carter’ in the music video. They talked about it all day and the connection boosted them to want to do more for others. It was excellent motivation and is still a funny joke between us.”

Q: Prior to Boosterthon, was serving others something your class focused on?

A: “My class displays this characteristic every day. They are helpful to one another and also to those in the school. I have small groups that occasionally volunteer their own recess time to help our housekeeping staff in the cafeteria after lunch. ‘Plug In To Serve’ seemed to be directed straight to my class because they are always helpful, but this lesson added fuel to their fire!”

Mrs. Carter and a group of Meadow Glen teachers show their Rock'N Town Live enthusiasm to inspire students!

Mrs. Carter and a group of Meadow Glen teachers show their Rock’N Town Live enthusiasm to inspire students!

Q: Do you have any examples of what you mean by adding “fuel to their fire?”

A: “What I found to be interesting is that during Boosterthon my students began to seek out individual ways to serve. I have had several students take on their own individual projects like raising money for research or shaving their hair for cancer awareness.”

Q: It’s so great to hear that they help others outside of their classroom communities. What’s something you all do as a class to help each other at school?

A: “We complete a project that helps students identify fears and set goals about reaching fifth grade. As we work through this project, we learn that we all have similar fears. We take this a step further by learning how we can help each other overcome these fears.”

Q: How do you plan to keep your students motivated to serve throughout the remainder of the school year and after they leave your class?

A: “I plan to keep my students motivated by setting an example so the students see how serving others is a way of life that brings happiness to those being served and to yourself for reaching out and making a difference. I hope that with my teaching and through the lessons received at school and through programs like Boosterthon, students are motivated to make serving others a permanent character trait.”

Mrs. Carter, thank you for being an amazing teacher. In the words of the song, I know your 4th graders would all say, Thanks, Mrs. C., for investing in me. Now I’ll pay it forward so that others can see!

Watch the Boosterthon music video that inspired Mrs. Carter’s class even further to put others first and serve where there’s a need.

5 Colorful Conversations That Bring Character To Your Home

We love the chatter that goes on between students and teachers about our character lessons at school. What can we do to serve people more? What words can we use to amplify others? And as much fun as it is to listen to these in-school discussions, it’s even more fun when we hear that families bring up our character lessons at home—especially around the dinner table.

We thought we’d give our families another healthy way to approach dinner conversation and the meal.

Here are some suggested conversation starters and healthy food pairings that go along with the color for each character lesson from our partners at the Together Counts™ program. So, while your family is discussing how they can “Listen for Feedback” (orange), everyone can enjoy a slice of cantaloupe!

Check out these great healthy and delicious fruit options:


1.   Strawberries (“Play Hard”)
– This deliciously sweet fruit is among the best source of vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. After your family “plays hard” with a game of tag or front yard football, grab a handful of these for a refreshing snack!

Conversation Starter: “What are fun ways our family can exercise together?”


2.   Cantaloupe, (“Listen for Feedback”) – Cantaloupe is an excellent source of vitamin C and E, perfect for a delicious and nutritious boost of energy in your day!

Conversation Starter: “What’s one interesting thing you learned today that you would have missed if you weren’t listening? Are you glad you listened and learned?”


3.   Banana (“Amplify Others”)
– Bananas are full of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and fiber! Eat these whole, cut into slices in a fruit salad, or even in a fun lunch, like a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Conversation Starter: “Let’s go around the table and tell each family member one reason we think they’re awesome. I’ll start…”

IMG_8731 (1)


 4.   Blueberries (“Plug in to Serve”) Packed with fiber and antioxidants, these berries are a great treat by themselves, served over oatmeal or ice cream, or even mixed into a smoothie.

Conversation Starter: “Our family is going to serve others this month. Let’s think of some people or organizations we can help! Who has an idea?”


5.   Kiwi (“Thank your Crowd”)
– This sweet and tangy fruit is packed with potassium and rich in vitamin C and E! With summer days approaching, this is a great, cool fruit for the whole family to enjoy!

Conversation Starter: “Let’s grab a paper and pens and each write a thank you note to someone who means a lot to us. Decorate the cards however you like, and then we’ll head to the post office to mail them off!”


Raising funds for your school? Profit 70% more with Boosterthon’s character and fitness-based fundraiser, designed for America’s top schools. Contact us today!


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