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Of Course We Remembered You, Alex.

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Alex Martin is a 7-year-old at Schwarzkopf Elementary in Florida. Like other students, he’s been looking forward to seeing the Boosterthon team since they left campus last year after the Fun Run. He remembers holding the American flag high and proud during the National Anthem, and finishing his 30th lap.

For him, there’s nothing that can get in the way of another great year of Boosterthon…. except an unexpected visit to the hospital.

When Alex was born he was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia Hyperplastic on the right side of his heart (referred to as “Half Heart”). He had his first heart surgery as an infant and has had a total of two open-heart and three cauterizations, with one more surgery to come.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 11.49.50 AMDespite his early health set backs, you wouldn’t know it. Like any other 7-year-old boy, you can find him playing videos games, swimming, riding his bike and roller-skating. He shines the most when he’s active and adventurous. 

His parents don’t put restrictions on his physical activities, so last year’s Boosterthon Fun Run was another way Alex could succeed despite his heart condition. At the Fun Run, Alex kept a steady pace, took breaks between laps and drank a lot of water. Then, he proudly circled the Speedway for his final lap with a huge smile of success! 

A brave student like Alex is hard to forget, so when the Boosterthon team arrived this year at Schwarzkopf and saw that he was absent, they learned he had been hospitalized for a week and was sad he would miss the Fun Run.

There’s no way Team Tampa was going to let him miss some Boosterthon fun. So, they decided to bring the Boosterthon program to him. Toting a goodie bag, the Boosterthon theme song and our character lessons, they visited Alex in the hospital. Alex was thrilled and told his mom he was happy his “friends” (the Boosterthon team) didn’t forget about him.


No, we didn’t forget about you, Alex, and we look forward to seeing you again next year – but hopefully out on the Speedway next time!

Boosterthon Magazine: Students Experience Character, Culture, and Sports on Every Page

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.28.42 AM

Over the last few years Boosterthon has written and published 5 theme-enhancing children’s books, with over 150,000 copies on classroom shelves. But this year, we’re traveling in a little different direction by introducing the all-new Big World Recess Magazine found in the teacher kit.

When teachers open the first page and begin reading, students will be transported from their classroom to an airplane to a brand new country.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.02.13 AMThe first stop is New York City, where students meet Phinette and her girls basketball team, The Comets. You can practically hear the thunderous sound of an army of basketballs pounding the worn wooden floors in their practice gym—a century old elementary school in Brooklyn. The Comets are all about teamwork, and the coach says it best when he huddles the girls before a cheer. “If you ain’t touching, you ain’t family.”

Jetting across the world, students land next in Australia to meet ocean-exploring Jet, a 13-year-old scuba diver. Mesmerized by the beautiful expanse of the ocean and every creature in it, Jet and his “mate” Hugo, suit up and explore the inky blue depths, armed with underwater cameras and curiosity.

Bright yellow soccer jerseys flow through the streets of Brazil. Soccer brings the whole country together, and playing the sport starts at a young age, even for Amanda. She practices on the green fields at school or the goal near her house. Every day she gets a little better with the help of her soccer-loving siblings.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 9.06.06 AM

Our next stop lands us in Japan where we meet Akira and his baseball team, the Giants. In the center of busy Tokyo, white, black, and orange uniforms round the bases of an elementary school play area. Watching, you feel like a well-hit ball could land in one of the high rise balconies circling the field. Akira, the captain, sits on a bench resting an injury from another game. He could be sad but instead he shows humility by cleaning baseballs, picking up bats, and cheering on his team.

Surrounded by white, snow covered mountains, we’re now in Switzerland to hang out with Rino, a stellar snowboarder. In his colorful board and head-to-toe ski gear he hops off the ski lift ready to hit the slopes with confidence. He learns big tricks by taking them one small step at a time—that’s what his coaches tell him.

The temperature is warming up quickly as we make our last stop in Kenya. Surrounded by beautiful acacia trees, you’ll see Patience running with a cloud of dust and other runners behind her. In Kenya’s long tradition of distance running, Patience wins her races by showing endurance.

At the end of every article are questions, new words to learn, and fun facts about the world sports. Teachers can use these to spark discussion and teach students about the big world we live in.

Can you travel the world with a magazine? We think so. See you out there.

Location hop around the world in under 60 seconds with our Big World Recess highlight video.

5 Tips for a Successful Boosterthon

If you’re looking for tips and tricks for your greatest fundraiser yet, we’ve got you covered. With over a decade of fundraising expertise, completing these 5 world-class tips guarantees you the best opportunity for making the most of your Boosterthon program. Let’s get started!

  1. Set a big yet obtainable fundraising goal.
    • Name exactly what you are raising money for. Specific items or initiatives help sponsors visualize the impact of their giving.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.54.41 PM
  2. Motivate teachers
    • Gift cards, catered lunch, “duty” free lunch, etc. are great
      incentives for class participation.
  3. Utilize all forms of communication
    • Your school website, emails, phone blasts, and social media are great megaphones.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.52.10 PM
  4. Clear your school calendar of other fundraisers or events
    • If too many events are happening at once, parents can’t focus their attention. So, whether it’s spirit week, a class field trip or picture day, streamline your school’s event schedule around one initiative. Hosting too many events is the number one threat to financial success.
  5. Decorate your entire school
    • Make our Big World Recess theme come to life! Find
      decoration ideas on our Pinterest Page,or let your creativity
      shine by creating your own.

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.53.53 PM


We can’t wait to hear the results of your awesome Boosterthon program!

Last Year Boosterthon Schools Changed The World By . . .

Throughout the 2014-2015 school year, we invited our schools to help change the world through our giveback initiative, KidFit Salute. Here’s how it worked. When a Boosterthon student reached $5 per lap during our program, they received our KidFit Water bottle and we made a donation to our giveback partner, Our 1533745_752163988154034_842962699345615376_nMilitary Kids, an organization supporting military families.

When a military family has a parent who is deployed or injured, it can be a challenging time for that family, especially for the children. Through sports and community activities, these children can gain support and stay active, regardless of their current circumstances.
And that’s why we love Our Military Kids! They come alongside these special families by providing grants toward sports or fitness-centered activities, and we wanted to rally behind them! We set the bar high and are proud to announce that with the help of our schools, Boosterthon donated a total of $23,974 for kid-fitness grants!

We heard incredible stories throughout the year of military men and women being honored at our Fun Runs, kids in military families holding the American flag during the National Anthem, and learning that PTA members had previously benefited from Our Military Kids while their spouse was deployed.



We couldn’t have done it without the support of our awesome Boosterthon schools. Thank you for helping a great cause. Together we can change the world!

There are many great stories of how Our Military Kids has made a positive impact on families lives. Meet two Boosterthon families who benefitted from this great organization. 


When you think of pledging your school, do you think of revolutionary pledging technology? We do. For busy parents, supporting their school should be simple and (we think) actually fun. And in order to deliver that flawlessly, our team dreams big and goes to work creating pledging inventions that make fundraising easier and a whole lot more fun.

Whether you prefer the old-fashioned phone call, email, text, or Facebook link, our newest feature might become your favorite. As far as pledging technology goes, it’s right out of the lab and already making waves in early August programs.

Introducing the never-before-seen STUDENT STAR VIDEO!

As the first company in our industry to use this revolutionary technology, parents cast their child as the star in a short film by uploading their picture to and we create a personalized video of that student changing the world! Then, parents can share the link and ask for support from friends and family.

“One of Booster’s goals is to be the most innovative fundraising company in America, and we commit lots of time and resources to accomplishing that. Creating the Student Star video was a huge collaboration between our Creative team and Technology team,” says Executive VP of Client Experience, Brett Trapp. “What I love about Student Star is that it makes asking for pledges super easy. You can send it to anyone in your social network because it’s a light, fun way for anyone to pledge a student.”

“It’s been so fun to hear stories of the ‘wow’ moment when students, parents, and sponsors see their student in the video,” says Executive VP of Technology, Todd Trappe. “We’ve been dreaming of this project for years, and it’s finally ready for people to enjoy.”

Now, we wouldn’t tell you about this awesome innovation without giving you the chance to experience it yourself. When your Boosterthon program arrives this year, try it out; but until then, here’s a sneak peek of the Student Star video. Just picture your student as the reoccurring girl’s photo. And get ready to cast your own student as the star in this epic story about changing the world.

Happy pledging (and watching!)

Three New Boosterthon Improvements Teachers Will Love

Boosterthon’s NEW character theme Big World Recess has officially kicked off! This year, we will serve over 1 million students in 1,625 schools nationwide. And while we deliver a better student experience every year, this year, we’re fired up to roll out all new resources to nearly 60,000 teachers that will make the program the best yet.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.28.04 PMTo walk you through our three biggest improvements for teachers, meet our Program Excellence Manager, Katie Bersinger. As a former teacher, Katie is an instrumental part of the team that constantly searches for ways to improve the Boosterthon experience for everyone, including teachers. Listening to a ton of teacher feedback from last year and using her own teaching experience, Katie and our Program Excellence team are providing 3 new and improved resources to Boosterthon teachers. Teachers have a lot to think about, so everything here was created with teachers in mind.

The Teacher Kit – At the Teacher Meeting, teachers will receive this beautifully designed package full of resources. The kit includes easy-to-follow action steps, a program overview sheet, a class flag (for decorating), the pledge-o-meter, every character sticker, a character video disc, the Big World Recess character magazine, and a teacher pledge incentives handout. Teachers recieve everything early and upfront to make planning ahead super easy.

“Every aspect of this piece is for teachers,” said Katie. “The resources inside provide structure and understanding to each area of the program. Even the cover is designed for teachers: to honor them and highlight the influence they have on so many students’ lives.”



Teacher Email Templates – On, we are providing a one-stop shop for teachers to communicate with parents. From daily program lessons and updates, to parent action steps, communication with parents is easier than ever.

“These templates are easily accessible, customizable, and are a great way teachers can quickly communicate with every parent.”

Teacher Meeting – The teacher meeting is a pre-program experience we have always provided, but this year, it’s more concise and more fun.

“From daily classroom responsibilities to Fun Run Day expectations, we want every teacher to leave the teacher meeting feeling 100% prepared for the Boosterthon week and understand their role in the program.”

We’ve invested in our teachers, so they feel the honor they deserve. And we’re all looking forward to hearing feedback from teachers this year so we can make next year even better.

Teachers, thank you for your support during the Boosterthon program and an even bigger thank you for making a world of difference in your students’ lives!

From the cover of our Teacher Kit:

“We all have one – that ONE teacher who rocked our world, and we never forget that one as long as we live, living on in our memories forever. Why? Because, even when she didn’t realize it, she was a light – OUR LIGHT. He sparked some passion buried DEEP in our kid-sized souls. She brought to light a TALENT we didn’t know we had. They were MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE, even on the rainy days, and we’ve never forgotten. We never forgot that time she cared about us on a day we felt so small. We never forgot that first-time feeling of being believed in. For it was never JUST about the water cycle, the Mayflower and the capitol of Oregon. That teacher – that ONE we remember – dealt in hearts alive, spirits lifted, and hope restored. And these – THESE! – are the ones that CHANGE THE WORLD.”

Do our Big World Recess Countries Have a “Fourth of July?”

Independence Day is almost here! Cookouts, family gatherings and fireworks are right around the corner as we gear up to celebrate the Fourth of July! Every year, we remember the sacrifice and struggle of our Founding Fathers who believed in freedom for our nation, and we celebrate with thankfulness and appreciation.


And with just one month closer to kicking off our new Big World Recess theme to 1,625 Boosterthon schools, we thought, Do other countries have an independence day like we do? It turns out they do. Here’s how our Big World Recess countries celebrate their big day.

Australia Day

Australia Day, January 26, is known as the country’s biggest day of celebration. This day marks its independence from the British and the landing of the First Fleet in 1788. There is no shortage of parades and fireworks as Australians unite as a nation to celebrate their country and recommit to making it a beautiful place to live.Flag_of_Australia_(converted).svg

Jamhuri Day

Jamhuri, the Swahili word for “republic,” is celebrated on December 12, when Kenyans gather together for feasts, parades, political speeches and dancing. The holiday marks two celebratory occasions: the day Kenya gained freedom from the British colonial era in 1963, as well as the day it became a republic one year later in 1964.2000px-Flag_of_Kenya.svg


Swiss National Day

Although only an official holiday since 1994, Switzerland has celebrated August 1st as the founding of the Swiss Confederacy since 1889. The Swiss celebrate with firework displays as well as a beautiful water illumination show at Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen.switzerland_flag_printables_av2

Kenkoku Kinen no Hi

On February 11, Kenkoku Kinen no Hi, meaning “National Foundation Day,” is observed as Japan’s foundation and the accession of its first Emperor, Emperor Jimmu. Schools and offices are closed for this holiday, but no parades or ceremonies take place. Some people will wave the Japanese flag in honor of the day, but many remain indoors and to themselves as a form of quiet observance. Flag-of-Japan


Sete de Setembro

On September 7th, Brazil celebrates its independence from Portugal in 1822. Brazilians have family outings and picnics during the morning and enjoy parades, air shows, fireworks and musical concerts in the evening.1280px-Flag_of_Brazil.svg

It’s fun to know how other countries honor their nation, but there’s just something so special about how and why we celebrate our own independence as the land of the free and the home of the brave. We hope you have a wonderful, safe, and appreciative Fourth of July with your family.

By the way, did you know this about our Founding Father, George Washington? 

5 International Kids Games You Can Play Tonight

With our new character theme Big World Recess kicking off soon, we thought we’d teach you a few games from the countries your student will learn about next school year. Plus, it’ll add a little global flavor to this great American summer.

In every game, the more the merrier. Let the games begin!

IMG_0485Australia: What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?

Choose one player to be “the wolf.” They stand with their back turned to the rest of the group, who are standing a good distance away. The group asks, “What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?” and the wolf yells out a time. The players then take the number of steps that match the time. (3 o’clock = 3 steps). All players repeat the questions and answers, moving closer and closer to the wolf. When the wolf feels the players are close enough, he answers “dinner time,” then turns around to tag one of the other players. The player who is caught becomes the next round’s wolf.


Kenya : Fix The Reserve

Start by separating the children into two equal groups. Spread the groups apart so they cannot hear the other group talk. Have a parent or friend assign different types of animals to each person in Group 1 (ex. Zebra, Giraffe, etc.), Then assign those same animals to each person in Group 2. Bring the teams together and challenge them to find their animal match by acting out what they are. The pair that finds each other first are the winners!


Switzerland: Don’t Look Back, The Fox Walks Around

Duck-Duck-OH-CHRIST-WERE-DEAD-e1373311888238Like “Duck, Duck, Goose,” all players sit in a circle except one “fox.” As the fox circles the group, a player is tagged when the fox drops a small piece of fabric behind them. That player then tries to catch the fox before he makes it around the circle and into the empty seat. If the fox is caught, he is the fox for another round. If he makes it to the empty seat, he is safe and the tagged player is the new fox. Here’s the catch – if the player doesn’t realize they’ve been tagged and the fox completes the circle without being chased, that tagged player is the “lazy egg” and must sit in the middle of the circle until there’s another lazy egg.


Brazil: Luta de Galo

Luta de galo is Portuguese for “fight of the roosters.” Break into pairs of two and tuck a handkerchief into each player’s belt or waistband. Assume the rooster pose by crossing the right arm across the chest and hold up the left leg. Players must hop on one leg and use their free arm to snatch their opponent’s handkerchief. The first to get the handkerchief wins, but don’t put your leg on the ground or unfold your right arm or you’ll be disqualified!


Japan: Hanaichimonmered-rover

Players divide into two teams and make a line holding hands with their teammates. Standing face-to-face with their opponents, each team picks one member of the opposing team to be the challenger. The chosen two meet in the middle for a game of “jan-ken-pon” (what we know as rock, paper, scissors.) The loser leaves his team and joins the other team, and the entire process is repeated until all of the players are in one group.


No matter what country you call home, children everywhere love to use their imaginations and play with friends. Make lasting memories this summer while learning about our great big world!

BWR - FINAL LOGO - square - web

Learn more about Big World Recess and the fun coming to your school HERE!

We Are Just So Impressed With This 7-Year-Old’s Attitude

It’s Fun Run day in Granbury, TX, and Epic Emily is on the mic: “Nettie Baccus Elementary. Who’s ready for the Boosterthon Fun Run?!” The students yell and cheer and wait for their class band name to be called. Then everyone enthusiastically runs through the tunnel and onto the Speedway.

To 7-year-old, Kaci Reed, this was her favorite moment of the entire Boosterthon experience. It was finally here—Fun Run Day. A chance to reach her goals, a chance to do something BIG! image1

As a toddler, Kaci began experiencing physical disabilities that kept her from walking easily, and now, she uses a walker to assist her mobility. But that didn’t stop her from getting the full Boosterthon experience like every other student.

From the first day the Boosterthon team stepped onto campus, her excitement grew. Her mom said that’s all she wanted to talk about when she got home each day.

With every character lesson taught and music video played, Kaci got more and more excited for the big finale – the Fun Run. She knew she would be running differently than her classmates, but didn’t let that affect her. She was excited for the challenge. Yep, she chose to view difficulty as something to be tackled and even enjoyed. (What a girl!)

We were blown away, but Kaci’s mom said it was no surprise that her daughter’s attitude stayed positive. “She has never let anything get her down and she tries her best in everything she does. This was just another opportunity for her to put her mind to something and accomplish it.” And boy did she ever.

One step at a time, Kaci rounded the Speedway and each completed lap was another goal met. Boosterthon team member, Epic Emily, remembers looking into the crowd of students and seeing Kaci walking with determination and a smile. “She never stopped moving or smiling – all with so much tenacity.” When the Fun Run was over, Kaci had completed an impressive 32 laps! But more than her laps, we love how much Kaci took a unique challenge and matched it with grit and a beaming smile. If she keeps it up, she’ll be unstoppable.

Kaci, we are so proud of you! Keep reaching for your goals and don’t forget to always keep smiling!

There is never a shortage of amazing Boosterthon students, and we love being able to share their stories and celebrate their strengths! These students remind us to face our challenges with courage and be proud of the goals we reach. Check out more inspiring stories of amazing Boosterthon students:

Silas: Boosterthon student runs in homemade Fun Run

Lawson Tucker dances like no one’s watching

Christopher: Is Boosterthon all-inclusive?

Officially Announcing the 2015-16 Character Theme: BIG WORLD RECESS!


It’s a great BIG world out there! That’s why we’re taking students around the world with the 2015-16 character theme BIG WORLD RECESS! It’s a global fitness theme all about building character through sports. Students will travel our big world learning how to play with more character from kids in other cultures.

Our kid-friendly documentary-style videos will introduce your students to REAL kid-athletes who have REAL character. We’re bringing inspiring stories from around the world to your school. Your student will touchdown in NEW YORK CITY, AUSTRALIA, BRAZIL, JAPAN, SWITZERLAND, and KENYA learning our six Character Plays.


Our Creative Team spent 6 months finding and filming inspiring stories from kid-athletes in every corner of the globe. The result is the most in-depth character program we’ve every created. We’re giving your students an up close look at what it’s like to grow up in another culture and live out character through sports, told by kids just like them.

Our 2015-2016 schedule is 83% full and filling quickly! Reach out to your local Boosterthon leader or CONTACT US to experience our all-new program.

Pack your sports gear and don’t forget your passport.

It’s a big world out there with BIG WORLD RECESS!

Travel the world in under 1-minute. Watch the Big World Recess highlight video.


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Alex Martin is a 7-year-old at Schwarzkopf Elementary in Florida. Like other students, he’s been looking forward to seeing the Boosterthon team since they left campus last year after the Fun Run. He remembers holding the American flag high ...

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