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Why Boosterthon Is A Tradition

0F9822D1-00870B2F 2Boosterthon has served Birnham Woods Elementary in Spring, TX, for six consecutive years. I spoke to their principal, Dr. Christine Butler, to discuss the tradition they’ve created in having Boosterthon at their school year after year. Dr. Butler explains, “Both Birnham Woods Elementary and Boosterthon value the same positive traits in people and in groups. Boosterthon supports the same character traits we aim to teach our students, but in a different format.”

The school community’s level of involvement is used as a guide to how well the program helps build the school’s family culture. Dr. Butler explains, “ I love the opportunity Boosterthon provides to involve so many parents and all of our students.” She is constantly encouraged by the parents’ enthusiasm for the program, whether it’s helping with the pre-program decorations or volunteering at the Fun Run.

Not only do the parents get excited, but the all-inclusive nature of the program also celebrates the family culture at BWE. She adds, “With the expectation that all students will participate in the program and the Fun Run, we are able to involve every student and every family.”image

In addition to staff members, students and their parents, the Boosterthon team becomes a part of the family at BWE. Dr. Butler says, “After the Fun Run is over, it’s great to have visits from the Boosterthon team throughout the year- it’s like reuniting with family you haven’t seen in awhile!” She explains how great it is to hear updates on the Boosterthon team members that have previously served as well as those who will serve her school. “I enjoy hearing about where they are now in the company as well as meeting and welcoming new Boosterthon team members to our campus.”

image 2For Dr. Butler and BWE, the success gained over the past six years is the reason Boosterthon is the only fundraiser they host each year. “There’s nothing else like it,” she says. “The staff is dedicated, positive, and professional, and they consistently bring a positive attitude to our campus. Boosterthon is far more than a fundraiser; it’s an experience!”

We’re excited to celebrate six years serving Birnham Woods, but discover how being a 10-year Boosterthon partner can impact your campus.

“Yes, I Actually Wanted To Be This When I Grew Up”

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Imagine you’re in elementary school and your teacher has just asked what you want to be when you grow up. You smile inside as your mind goes straight to the moment you saw that “really cool grown-up” and you couldn’t wait to be just like him or her! For you, maybe it was your dentist because having no cavities meant a trip to the goody box. Or maybe it was your piano teacher who never failed to make you feel like a musical prodigy. It could have even been your basketball coach who always made your team feel like a family. Whatever person came to mind, you were determined to be that cool once you were old enough!

IMG_8083 And just this thing happened at Riverside Elementary in Suwanee, GA, for a girl named Jordan Watson. Along with her classmates and teachers, she was sitting in the gym anticipating a new program that just arrived on campus—the Boosterthon Fun Run. When the music started and the Boosterthon team entered the gym, the entire team became her “really cool grown-ups.” With every Pep Rally cheer and theme song dance, she was experiencing that childhood role model moment and couldn’t wait to be as cool as them one day.

One of Jordan’s favorite memories of the Boosterthon experience was her rather creative approach to earning pledges. She explained, “I dressed up in an oversized red business suit complete with shoulder pads, and asked for pledges to a room full of my mom’s Mary Kay clients.” The ladies were impressed by her presentation skills. (I wonder if public speaking will come in handy one day . . .)

From Pep Rallies, hula-hoop contests, and the Fun Run, the entire Boosterthon experience was one she looked forward to year after year. Before moving up to high school, she was able to participate in three Boosterthon programs and still had the hope of one day becoming a Boosterthon team member.

So, if you’re wondering what came of Jordan’s childhood “cool grown-up” dream, let me introduce you to “Jazzy Jordan,” an official Boosterthon team member in Atlanta. She’ll serve dozens of schools this year and has a special perspective.

Having been in the shoes of all our students, Jordan knows how important her role is in their lives. Not only does she get to show each child how to make healthy choices, but she also gets to teach character lessons that will positively influence them as they grow up. “I remember how it felt to sit in a crowd of kids watching fun grown-ups be excited and inspire me to have fun, help my school and serve others,” Jordan explains. “Now, I love the fact that I get the opportunity to grab the attention of a new generation and inspire them!”

To all the children who look up to her the way she looked up to the Boosterthon team years before, Jordan challenges them with these words: “You are a light to those around you! You have the power to make people smile; use your powers!”

Fun Fact: Guess who ran the Boosterthon programs while Jordan was in elementary school? None other than our very own founder and president, Chris Carneal, who is pictured with her above during her first Boosterthon Fun Run this year! 

We’re so proud of all of our team members. Learn more about them HERE. 

Tour The All-New HeroSteps Website

HeroSteps Home

We’re excited to announce that HeroSteps, a sister-company of Boosterthon, just launched their website! The team at HeroSteps creates dynamic school character themes for the digital generation, and has been doing so for the past 6 years. Now, the all-new brand has a home at We’re excited for non-Boosterthon partner schools to experience the high-quality, fun character themes that our schools receive for FREE and look forward to year after year.

Check out highlights from the NEW HeroSteps website.





Raving Fans

We’re excited for the future of HeroSteps! So, support great character programs and “Like” HeroSteps on Facebook.

And visit the HeroSteps Store to add to your school’s Rock’n Town Live experience with heroic resources designed for the digital generation.

Interview with a Dragon: Boosterthon School Breathes Community into its First Year

One of the most highly anticipated moments of a new school year is reuniting with your school community. Saying hi to last year’s teachers and high-fiving friends gives you the feeling that you’re a part of something! But, what if you’re a brand new school that has to build community from the ground up? That’s the challenge Doby’s Bridge Elementary in Fort Mill, SC, (home of the Dragons) had to face as they started their inaugural school year. With students and teachers pieced together from different elementary schools, this year’s Rock’n Town Live theme all about community was a perfect fit! I caught up with Donna Jackley, a member of the PTO, to hear if the Boosterthon program had an impact on their growing school identity.

Q: How did Doby’s Bridge welcome students and families to a first-year school?

A: The PTO decorated key focal points in our new building with a mix of Welcome Back & Rock’n Town Live messages. We wanted to get our community excited about a new school, new school year, AND all the great energy Boosterthon brings to schools.

Q: Did the Boosterthon team help jumpstart the feeling of community within your school?

A: The excellent team led by Dan Powell, along with Tiger Tim, TRex Taylor and Ana Banana, immediately understood the unique aspects of launching the program in the beginning of the school year at a brand new school. They gave tremendous energy as DJs at our Welcome Back Picnic just before the first day of school, and they did an excellent job working with our entire DBES team to build community through the program.

Blog pic 1Q: Throughout the week, how did you see community within the classrooms?

A: Each day during the team huddles, you could see how excited the students were to be a part of their classroom community. They created fun classroom names decided by student vote and worked together to earn pledges for their class and teachers.

Q: So, your students and teachers are building a community; did parents join in too?

A: Families came out to cheer at our Pep Rally and showed overwhelming support at our Fun Run. I have never seen so many parents show up to a run! They responded strongly to our fundraiser, but more importantly, they showed support for their students and our school by actively participating in Rock’n Town Live.

Nothing says community like a customized golf cart for your elementary school!

Q: Do you think the feeling of community established at the beginning of the school year will continue throughout?

A: We received so many comments about the great time parents had at the event – how much they enjoyed the music, the excitement and energy! Great things will happen at DBES this year, and kicking off with Rock’n Town Live has set the stage for excellence in character and community!

It looks like Doby’s Bridge Elementary is off to a great start! We can’t wait to build on the foundation they’ve already set at next year’s Boosterthon program.

Boosterthon Teachers: How To Make Your Class Name “Rock”

Each year, Boosterthon teachers create a team nickname for their class. It helps set the week apart, makes our program more exciting, and unites classes together under a new, voted name. Sometimes the names rhyme, sometimes they use alliteration (“Peter’s Penguins”) and sometimes they’re just plain wacky (“Jensen’s Jabberwocky Raisins”).

But this year’s Rock’n Town Live theme, teachers have started a new trend in class naming: they’re basing them off REAL band names.

Here are a few rock’n class nicknames we’ve seen (band name translations provided):


“Red Hot Chili Peppers”

Counting Crutes

“Counting Crows”


“Snoop Doggy Dogg”

Black Eyed Peas

“Well, um . . . ‘The Black Eyed Peas‘”

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 9.18.09 AM

“The Beatles”

So, Boosterthon teachers, if you create a fun, rock-infused class name, we’d love to hear it! Simply post a picture on our Facebook page. Thanks for being such a big part of the fun during our program.

To get you started, check out . . . Ultimate List of Band Names.

Boosterthon Schools . . . Meet the HeroSteps Hero Pack!


For 5 years Boosterthon’s given our teachers a free resource to help make our character themes come alive for their students. But instead of delivering our classic children’s books this year, we dreamed up a classroom resource that would fully integrate into classroom teaching, yet still have storytelling magic. We would include fun videos, music, writing and games for students, while crafting it to fulfill national educational standards and easy use for teachers.

IMG_8454So, what is the Hero Pack?

It’s an uplifting character program that fits in a backpack pocket. Students watch interactive music and character videos and respond to fun, challenging questions. Each video goes along with HeroSteps’s newest school theme, ROCK’N TOWN LIVE, a music festival theme all about COMMUNITY. The Hero Pack allows students to listen, laugh, sing, jot and reflect on character content that feels like entertainment but has a positive twist.

Teachers simply play a video or a song to kick-start or wind down the school day with these energizing character activities. When students complete the workbook, they’ll fulfill five grade-level national education standards. Teachers can select activities at random, or they can follow the schedule to extend the Hero Pack into a full three-week character program.

What’s Inside?

  • 7 music videos
  • 5 community challenges
  • Music album
  • 24-paged student workbook
  • 5 BoostFit kid videos


Teacher Review

“I was in awe of your ability to teach character ed in such a cool way that kids understood! Your messages are right on for your target audience . . . even a 6-year-old completely got the messages and thought they were cool!”

- Sonia Parker, Gifted Teacher, Hampton Cove Elementary (Huntsville, AL)


So, why the upgrade? Like with everything, Booster constantly re-imagines what is possible. That’s why we invented our new HeroSteps brand, which would take our character themes to heroic levels, impacting more students.

And that’s our favorite thing to do–whether it’s through a fun fundraising program, a high-five, or a character program.

Love character? Then, “Like” HeroSteps on Facebook to get the latest news on school themes today’s students love.

Boosterthon’s 2014-15 GiveBack Program – KidFit Salute

KidFit-LOGOWhen a military parent is deployed, it can be a very challenging and scary time for the child. That’s why Boosterthon is partnering with the non-profit Our Military Kids to provide financial support for military kids hoping to play a sport. Sports help keep these students plugged into their communities while a parent is away or injured.

When a Boosterthon student reaches the $5 per lap reward level, they’ll receive the KidFit Water Bottle and we’ll make a small donation to provide a kid fitness grant through Our Military Kids. With your help, we’ll reach our goal of $25,000 toward kid fitness grants.

“Our Military Kids works every day to help children stay active and happy while they have a parent deployed overseas or recovering from severe injuries sustained in service to our country,” said Linda Davidson, executive director of Our Military Kids. “Partnering with Boosterthon’s KidFit Salute initiative will help more kids play sports during what can be an incredibly difficult time. It’s important for kids to be kids, regardless of their circumstances, and we’re honored that Boosterthon will help us make that happen.”

Learn more about Our Military Kids.

5 Things to Guarantee A Rock’n Pre-Program Meeting

The fall semester is almost here and we can’t wait to begin meeting with your school leaders to kick-start this year’s Boosterthon program, Rock’n Town Live! But before we do that, take a look at these suggestions to help your program run more smoothly and efficiently.

1. Bring Everyone.
The more, the merrier! At the meeting, we want to meet everyone involved with the Boosterthon at your school.

2. Form a Boosterthon team.
From decorations to communication to water stations, forming one team with different roles helps your program run smoothly.

3. Create your goal.

Decide on your financial goal and identify the main reason why you are raising funds. Start communicating your goal as soon as possible.

4. Plan out your semester calendar.
Scheduling school activities or smaller fundraisers close to your Boosterthon date is the #1 way to hurt your profitability. Rescheduling is key.

5. Remember the past.
What has your school been able to accomplish with the Boosterthon? Remind your parents about past success!

Need help visualizing just how much the Boosterthon can help your campus?  Check out our ten-year journey with Mt. Laurel Elementary in Birmingham, Alabama to see how partnering with the Boosterthon year after year can transform your school.


America’s Greatest Leader: An Independence Day History Story From Boosterthon’s Founder

I love America!

The Founding Fathers gave us incredible stories to tell 238 years after the independence of our country. I’m fascinated by this time in history and have read many books about the challenges and characters of this crucial era. For me, there’s one leader who stands out from a large group of intentional leaders—the Founding Father himself—George Washington.

the-resignation-of-george-washington-john-trumbullWashington had many admirable qualities as a brave general and strong leader. But THE character trait, and THE act that defined his true leadership, and changed the course of U.S history, was what he chose to do with this power. After miraculously winning the War of Independence, the American people wanted George Washington to be king. Yes, a king. Even though we had previously fought against a monarchy.

And here’s what George Washington did:

Though he could have had absolute power as king, and reigned his entire life instead of just a few years as President, he turned over his sword to Congress. He relinquished his power. This might be the greatest act of humble leadership in American history. King George in England heard rumors about Washington’s act of humility and could not believe it. He said, “I don’t know if this is true; but if it is, he is the greatest man in the world.”

George Washington used his power, leadership, authority, responsibility and resources for the good of others. He was leading for the future, thinking about a story much larger than merely his own. Today, we could have a monarchy instead of a democracy, but Washington acted with humility and graciousness towards all, for the good of all. We have the awesome and humbling opportunity to live in a nation that was shaped by selfless decisions like this! One act, with the future good of others in mind, changed the world.  

I’m thankful for General Washington, our Founding Fathers, and the selfless leaders everywhere who sacrificed their today for our tomorrow.

And thank YOU for all the times you selflessly lead and make decisions, not for your own good, but for the good of others—your family, your schools, and your community. This ultimately impacts our great nation.

This Independence Day, celebrate the greatest nation on earth like never before, and do all you can to continue to make us even greater!

God Bless America!

Chris Carneal
Founder, President of Boosterthon

4 DIY Rock’n Town Live Decorations

Boosterthon’s newest character theme, Rock’n Town Live, is headed to your school soon! Every year, we are blown away by our awesome (and crafty) parent volunteers who completely transform their schools to match our theme and help get their students excited about our program.

So, grab your scissors, glue, and some household items, and join us as we make four DYI crafts that will make your school hallways rock this coming school year.

photo 2[1]photo 1


Things you’ll need:


Small round object

Cone-shaped microphone base


Spread a thin layer of glue evenly around your round object – try using a tennis ball. Cover it with a decoration of your choice. We used silver sequins. Next, spread glue evenly on the cone-shaped microphone base and wrap with any string.We used blue yarn, but fun shoe laces or ribbon would work great too. Attach the round object to your  microphone base and you’ll be ready to play a show!

photo 3[1]photo 2


Things you’ll need:



Wooden Loom Frame

Begin by gluing one end of the ribbon to the loom . We used black, but any color works. Wrap the ribbonaround the loom – be sure to cover all the wood. Thread bells onto the ribbon as you go around the loom, spacing them out evenly as you go. When you’ve covered the entire circle, tie off your ribbon and start playing some music.

photo 1[1]

photo 4


Things you’ll need:


Rubber band




Grab a bucket from around the house to get started – a paint can could work too. Using a hot glue gun, attach the string in a triangular pattern around your drum. We used yarn, but any string will do. When you’ve gone all the way around, tie off the string. Next, cut a circle out of any fabric. This will be used as the drum head, so you want to be sure and cut it a little bigger than the diameter of your bucket. Use a rubber band to secure the fabric around the top, and cover it with a ribbon that you love. To finish it off, you can add pipe cleaners and puffballs to decorate!

photo 4[1]photo 3

Drum Sticks

Things you’ll need:

Wooden dowel (2)

Round object (2)


Glue a round object to the end of a wooden dowel. We used a foam ball, but use your imagination! Wrap the ball with any string you like and presto – drumsticks.

Check out more Rock’n Town Live inspiration on our Pinterest Board. Try crafting these spotlights or banners too. Have fun and be creative!




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