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"I showed up for my kindergartener's Boosterthon this morning with no idea of what to expect, but I was blown away by what a great event it was! The energy, the music, cheering on the kids-- it was great, and I love how my daughter gave something of herself. She would have continued to run laps if they had let her-- she was so proud of herself! I heard the conversation at the first PTA meeting and was eager to form my own review of Boosterthon. I can tell you I wholeheartedly support this effort, it is a wonderful fundraiser and I'm looking forward to next year!"

Sarah Purcer, Parent

Oakview Elementary
Simpsonville, SC

Welcome to Boosterthon fun run!

The Boosterthon Fun Run is the preferred fundraising choice for America’s top schools! But the Boosterthon is more than an elementary school fundraiser. It’s more than a walk-a-thon. The Boosterthon Fun Run is fundraising and so much more!

With the Boosterthon Fun Run, the student is the star! Imagine a program that wraps Fitness, Leadership, and Character together in an unforgettable experience tailored for your school’s campus. Your students learn that fitness is fun as they prepare for the day of the Boosterthon Fun Run. Character lessons come to life …

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Creatively teach daily character lesson to students


Big World Recess has been a huge success and there’s still more fun to come in this fall semester. After each program, we ask teachers and clients a series of questions that rate the quality of our program and team.

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